Wednesday, 2015-07-29

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kfox1111_docaedo: thought of another tag=operator thing. the sahara images that we have are already in that boat already. ops will probably be loading them so they can be used with their sahara install. Its unlikely a non op would want to.01:43
kfox1111_ok... got the plugin seperated from the horzon code, and a review in for horizon liberty.01:43
kfox1111_its 99% working. for some reason, the url isn't getting passed to the heat wizard though. just gota fix that one and we're in good shape. :)01:44
kfox1111_git it fully working. it was a dropped patch. fixed now. :)02:03
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openstackgerritKirill Zaitsev proposed stackforge/apps-catalog: Added eslint tox env
openstackgerritKirill Zaitsev proposed stackforge/apps-catalog: Lint js and css files
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kfox1111docaedo: did you write the website?13:39
kzaitsev_wskfox1111: nodeenv does look interesting, a really nice tool, to encapsulate npm modules13:44
kzaitsev_wsI've suddenly found myself using a lot of npm-based stuff. like eslint and csslint %)13:45
kfox1111yeah. I've always worried about it. most languages really junk up a linux distro. I very much liked python for that part. (though it could use much better integration with rpm+pip)14:40
kfox1111using venv's with nodes cool. :)14:40
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docaedokfox1111: No, I did not write the website15:26
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kfox1111know who did?16:28
kfox1111It hit me that when we rework the yaml's to be merged, we've got to update the website code too.16:29
kfox1111doable, but easier if the person who developed it in the first place is still around.16:29
docaedonot sure who did the site, and yeah, I definitely knew the web site had to be re-worked (which was why my first patch was lazy and kept the three different top-level types)16:33
docaedofigured I would need to brush up on javascript to address the rendering properly when the schema is changed into a single top-level type16:34
kfox1111I can probably do it. Just didn't occur to me that it had to be done.16:36
kfox1111Because there's the website, horizon ui, schema and actual yaml's, we probably should do things broken up in to little pieces.16:37
kzaitsev_mbgit blame/log does not help?16:38
kfox1111like, change all the root elements to 'entry' in one review.16:38
kfox1111oh. good call. :)16:38
kfox1111Herman Narkaytis16:38
kzaitsev_mbwell =) I'm not sure, he'll be available... =)16:39
kfox1111docaedo: Should I make a github/kfox1111 repo till the other's ready?16:40
docaedokfox1111: yes, though I'll get the request started today16:41
kfox1111meeting time...16:46
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j^2kfox1111 and docaedo I’ve updated the HOT for single chef, here:
j^2can i get some eyes on?18:37
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j^2just maned some updates19:05
j^2and pushed em19:06
kfox1111pull/3 then?19:06
kfox1111pull 2's template looks better.19:07
kfox1111looking at 3...19:08
j^2there is no 319:09
j^2i just commited it all to 219:09
kfox1111yeah. I see. it was just refreshed.19:09
j^2that’s just in there for future referance19:11
kfox1111k. I'll ignore that for now... though s/-/_/19:12
kfox1111oh. ok. two more for the single case.19:13
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kfox1111Add a security group into the template so the yuser doesn't have to manually create one. its complicated for chef.19:14
kfox1111 has an example.19:14
j^2 ?19:15
kfox1111tweak the rules to match whats in the install doc.19:15
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kfox1111hmm... how time consuming is the vm install?19:18
kfox1111I'd add a wait condition in then.19:19
kfox1111it makes the heat stack stay in "building" until its done.19:19
kfox1111the user then has a nicer experience.19:19
kfox1111you also have a path to fail the stack if it fails to install for some reason.19:19
kfox1111(network is down for example)19:19
kfox1111The resources are here:
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kfox1111to user_data:str_replace:params:19:23
kfox1111add $wc_url: { get_param: WaitHandleInstance }19:23
j^2it takes about an hour for this to build…so it’ll be around 3600 on the timeout?19:24
kfox1111the minimal thing to do then is to add the following as the last line of the user_data:str_replace:template:19:24
kfox1111curl -X PUT -H 'Content-Type:' --data-binary '{"Status": "SUCCESS", "Reason": "Configuration Complete", "Data": "Application has completed configuration.", "UniqueId": "0001"}' "$wc_url"19:25
kfox1111I'd double the timeout.19:25
kfox1111that way, if the cloud's going a bit slow, or the internet connection is slow, it still won't fail.19:26
kfox11117200 at least.19:26
kfox1111I have a bit of bash scriptlet that causes the stack to fail with the line number of the bad command if any of the cloud-init fails. You can put tha in too if you'd like.19:27
kfox1111Thats what this does:
j^2i think i’m getting there19:32
j^2ok, got the security groups successfully created, now i’ll try that timeout thing19:37
kfox1111Plugins separated. :)
kfox1111Do you need the rest of the ports listed in
j^2for the HA build yeah, but for the standalone all you need is 22 8019:59
kfox1111800, 9090, 9463?19:59
j^2yeah iirc for the ha network ubild19:59
j^2ERROR: Property error : chefserver: user_data The Parameter (WaitHandleInstance) was not provided.20:14
j^2not sure why that’s doing that20:14
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openstackgerritJJ Asghar proposed stackforge/apps-catalog: Adding HOT for Chef Standalone Server
kfox1111j^2: pastebin?21:33
j^2yeah i got lost in it21:34
j^2i need to walk away for a bit21:34
j^2but i changed the review around just for the standalone build now21:34
j^2HA isn’t ready21:34
kzaitsev_mbI wonder what shall we do, when L comes out. Shall we update all the assets, or ask authors to do so?..21:47
kfox1111thats what we need some better kind of testing. :/21:53
kfox1111should probably have some kind of gate job in heat for example that tests their new engines against the app catalog's entries.21:53
kfox1111probably need some kind of gating job on our end then that doesn't let in a template until it works.21:54
kzaitsev_mbsounds like an interesting idea. Wonder how difficult it would be te implement, though.21:54
kfox1111yeah. :/21:56
kzaitsev_mbit would be even more difficult with murano apps.21:56
kzaitsev_mbBut some basic testing is indeed required. Seems worthy of a BP21:56
kfox1111I've got a heat validator as part of the web ui now.21:57
kfox1111its rough, but seems to work.21:57
kfox1111should at least tell you if a template won't work on your cloud.21:57
kzaitsev_mbSorry, since I started working on openstack — I developed a habbit of tracking everything on l-pad in form of bugs or bps =)21:57
kfox1111does a heat template-validate on it.21:57
kfox1111no worries. its a good habbit to be in. :)21:58
kfox1111specs, I'm a little more iffy on. ;)21:58
kfox1111they tend to encurage bike shedding. :/21:58
kzaitsev_mbmurano has plans on package validators and auto-tests for liberty, btw. Might be able to utilize those in check/gate jobs21:58
kfox1111and design by committee.21:58
kfox1111hmm... k.21:59
kzaitsev_mbspecs are... hard.21:59
kfox1111the instance user one's killing me. :/21:59
kzaitsev_mbboth to write and review =/21:59
kfox1111heh. yeah.21:59
kfox1111so, is a non cloud admin allowed to upload murano packages into the cloud?22:00
kzaitsev_mbyes, but not allowed to make them public (i.e. cross-tenant)22:01
kzaitsev_mbwell that's controlled by a policy, so you can imagine any situation, but generally — you can make your own app and upload it to your tenant22:01
kfox1111so, I've gotten glance and heat to work with the web ui, but I don't have a murano install to develop against.22:02
kfox1111is that something you could do?22:02
kzaitsev_mbyep, I think I even promised to do so some time ago, but really didn't have enough time, to keep my promise.22:03
kzaitsev_mbBut I think I have it now =)22:03
kfox1111I understand. :)22:04
kfox1111Well, the webui's not the way I'd like it.22:04
kfox1111right now heat's under Apps and glance under components.22:04
kfox1111ideally both would be merged into both, and just filtered by tag.22:04
kfox1111but for now, apps are the "run without installing" type of thing,22:04
kfox1111and components are "install" then allow the user to run if installed.22:05
kfox1111so if you get a bit of time to start on it before we get all the yaml files merged into one,22:05
kfox1111it might be easiest to add support in the Components side.22:05
kzaitsev_mbpoint me to the code, then. I'll definitelly take a look.22:05
kfox1111waiting on a stackforge/apps-catalog-ui22:06
kfox1111The two main files of interest are:
kzaitsev_mbthnx, I'll have time to work on it tomorrow (It's 1 PM here now, so not today definitelly =))22:10
kfox11113pm here. :)   k. no worries.22:11
kzaitsev_mbor is it 1 AM22:11
kfox1111that, I can't answer... :)22:11
kzaitsev_mbAM for ante meridiem22:12
kzaitsev_mbso yep 1 AM actually =)22:12
kfox1111ah. yeah. thats late... or early.. :)22:14
kfox1111kzaitsev_mb: One thing I'd really like to see, is a heat template for deploying murano.22:20
kfox1111Would make it a lot easier to deploy on non Fuel based clouds.22:20
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docaedoadd repo for apps-catalog-ui
docaedolet's see how close I got to correct with this one :)23:24
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