Thursday, 2015-09-03

kfox1111looks good. made a additions.00:01
kfox1111a potential new asset...00:15
kfox1111ouch.. yeah, it is going through the gate... :/ tomorrow seems to be the day for a lot of patches. :/00:21
docaedonever heard of indico .. but looking at their site, looks like a heat template would be even easier (just run easy_install indico in it)00:42
kfox1111yup. :)00:43
openstackgerritKevin Fox proposed stackforge/apps-catalog: Test icons
kfox1111docaedo: give that one a try. :)00:44
kfox1111angular made that sooo easy. :)00:44
kfox1111it is really ugly html/css. copied directly from the app catalog ui template. need to clean those up and put them in a common place.00:45
kfox1111heading out. talk to you later.00:46
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docaedokfox1111: nice, I merged 21993701:36
openstackgerritMerged stackforge/apps-catalog: Test icons
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docaedoWeekly meeting starting in 8 minutes on #openstack-meeting-3 .. hope to see you all there!16:53
docaedo(ah, make that 7 minutes)16:53
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kfox1111cors? :)19:20
docaedokfox1111: glad you were there to answer questions, I was going to answer them a little more broadly and basically say "trying to get some stuff we'll need later into this patch, rather than break up and wait for later patches mainly because it can take a long time to get this stuff merged :)"20:08
docaedokfox1111: so big +1 to you for being able to answer in detail and satisfy all concerns20:09
docaedono zopfli:
docaedoI have to step out for a bit but will check back on this when I return, not sure if that failure matters20:23
kfox1111yeah. minor thing. things will still work while we fix that.20:25
kfox1111testing the plugin now...20:25
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kfox1111yup. working. :)20:27
kfox1111so now we can log which versions of horizon/app-catalog-ui are being actively used in the future.20:28
docaedoSWEET!! - When I get back I'm going to do the devstacks so I can play with it myself20:28
kfox1111I think we're good to commit a bunch o code. :)20:28
openstackgerritMerged stackforge/apps-catalog-ui: Update the plugin to use the v1 api.
openstackgerritMerged stackforge/apps-catalog-ui: Add more messages
openstackgerritMerged stackforge/apps-catalog-ui: Initial Murano support
kzaitsev_mbFF is pure evil20:31
kzaitsev_mbI haven't read that much code in a long while20:32
kfox1111ff? firefox?20:32
kzaitsev_mbFeature Freeze =)20:32
kfox1111oh. :)20:32
openstackgerritKevin Fox proposed stackforge/apps-catalog-ui: Initial stab at pbr and version passing.
kfox1111Done, and Done. :)20:38
openstackgerritMerged stackforge/apps-catalog-ui: Initial stab at pbr and version passing.
kfox1111docaedo: Trunk should work now. :)20:42
kfox1111I added updated instructions for running with murano dashboard.20:43
kfox1111The instructions cover how to run it in its own venv.20:43
kfox1111it might be nice to figure out how to hook it into devstack's deployment mechanism natively. even better would be to get it to deploy by default in devstack.20:43
kfox1111Something you could do? :)20:44
kfox1111 looking good now. :)20:55
docaedokfox1111: looking into how to make it work nicely with devstack is a great idea, and yeah, something I can do (so I'm saying that here that way rather than maybe, or perhaps, so that I'll be held to it :) )21:59
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kfox1111:) thanks.22:30
kfox1111docaedo: :)22:47
docaedoah crap, totally official now!22:47
kzaitsev_mbshouldn't be too hard to make it work with devstack22:49
kzaitsev_mbthe 2d one is more ambitious, yep =)22:49

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