Tuesday, 2015-09-08

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kfox1111docaedo: know when the switchover is going to happen? Its today, right?16:03
docaedokfox1111: no it's planned for this friday (the 11th) AFAIK.  I'll watch the infra meeting (today noon PST), as discussing a few repo moves is on the agenda16:22
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kfox1111k. thanks.16:36
docaedonp, I'll update the channel here when everything is confirmed and when I know what the schedule is for the gerrit downtime, then can handle merging anything before then.16:41
docaedoOnce the move happens I'll update the wiki and make a patch for the website to point to the right/new repo URL16:42
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kfox1111ok. sounds good.16:42
kfox1111meeting next... bbiab.16:43
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docaedoThis message from the ML notes the downtime (doesn't mention app-catalog, but it's on the list for Friday): http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2015-August/073049.html18:27
docaedoDowntime is 2300 UTC Friday sept. 1118:27
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docaedokfox1111: question about the horizon plugin when you are around20:06
docaedoI am looking at a few other horizon plugins that seem to work well with devstack, and their instructions essentially say "run devstack, run sudo python setup.py install, copy the stuff from enabled and then restart apache"20:07
docaedoI tried that with app-catalog-ui and it mostly basically worked, yay! except, some things aren't working. like it shows me all the icons, but I can't click on any of them. and if I'm in row view, it doesn't show me the description20:09
docaedowondering if this is maybe just me doing something partially wrong with the config or something? also mentioning here in case you've seen that before and can say "oh it's just this thing!"20:10
kfox1111yeah, that works I think but I think there's a closer integration where you like, enable the service in the devstack config and it does all the rest.20:31
kfox1111havent seen that behavior... browser/os? anything in the javascript console?20:32
docaedothe closer devstack integration stuff is for individual projects as far as I have seen (and I'm happy to be proven wrong here!)20:33
docaedoseems like one option is for app-catalog-ui to become part of horizon (rather than horizon plugin)20:33
docaedootherwise, I need to poke around more and see - looks like devstack has it's own concept of plugins, and we could make an app-catalog-ui plugin for devstack, that would also allow tighter integration20:34
docaedobut to do that I'm trying to make sure i catch all the installable parts/how-tos, and sort out where/when they would happen. then I think it just comes down to a really simple script that fetches the repo and throws things into horizon (after horizon is grabbed and built, but before apache starts)20:35
* docaedo waves his hands and declares "then something happens"20:36
kfox1111-1 for horizon, just because how long it takes to merge patches there. maybe we will get stable enough some day for that, but for now lets keep it seperate.21:12
kfox1111+1 for a devstack plugin I think.21:12
kfox1111it also lets us to run newer versions of our plugin with older horizons. something we will want to support for a while.21:13
docaedoyeah that's about what I was thinking too - though I am still anxious to figure out why the app-catalog plugin didn't work in devstack (I'm looking at the horizon window in devstack screen and seeing lots of stuff but nothing obvious)21:14
kfox1111anything in the js console?21:14
docaedoubuntu/firefox - but thing is, looks right (plugin) when I spin up devstack, and then run standalone instance of horizon with plugin (ala instructions in readme).21:15
kfox1111is devstack pulling horizon from trunk?21:16
docaedoah , see here comes the answer I bet!21:16
kfox1111should be the same... lets see..21:17
kfox1111is it running it in apache?21:17
kfox1111if you don't have it, please install the firebug plugin, restart the browser, hit f12, go to the console, and load the app catalog. I'm guessing there's going to be stuff in the console.21:19
kfox1111Since rdo's horizon is still broken, I haven't had a chance to test with apache. may be a slight difference between the two servers.21:20
docaedoI think the issue is with static content21:22
kfox1111seeing 404's?21:24
docaedoinstall instructions are putting bits in a venv, and horizon runs from that venv when you run the test server, but when I am trying to add the bits into the devstack horizon (/opt/stack/horizon), it's not landing there21:24
docaedoyeah 404s, which just means I need to sort out how to properly install app-catalog-ui in a devstack environment21:24
kfox1111we're probably one of the first horizon plugins to try running in devstack that has angular bits maybe.21:24
docaedoyep, bet thats it.21:26
kfox1111so we may need to do the devstack plugin just to copy the bits it doesn't do.21:27
docaedoyeah I think so21:28
docaedodevstack has static assets for horizon located under /dashboard/static (i.e. http://localhost/dashboard/static/dashboard/img/logo.png)21:42
docaedobut seems as if app-catalog stuff expects it to be delivered from /static (i.e. /static/dashboard/project/app_catalog/1439233859_grid.png)21:43
kfox1111hmm... I think there's a fixme or two in the code related to that...21:45
docaedois that fixme in horizon/devstack, or app-catalog?21:45
docaedoI think if I can sort that out, should be pretty easy to make this into a devstack plugin that lives in app-catalog-ui repo, and then we can have dead-easy "try this with devstack" instructions21:46
kfox1111yeah. shouldn't be too hard. just don't have a test environment for this yet. :/21:46
docaedoand that might help with packaging folks, because I think we need devstack plugin for integration tests? (or maybe not "need", but I think helps?)21:46
kfox1111was really hoping rdo would get there sooner.21:46
kfox1111no, I think they mostly ignore devstack since its not distroish.21:47
kfox1111I have kind of for the same reason. I run rdo on my laptop just so I can test out what I'm planning on running in production next.21:47
kfox1111yeah, the devstack plugin bits would be nice.21:47
docaedoyep, and I'm not running RDO so will never take advantage of any RPMs - though would gladly take a deb!21:48
docaedoanyway this is great, I'll start actually looking into the app-catalog-ui stuff and see if I can fix it. side effect is I'll learn more about the plugin!21:49
kfox1111I've got instructions for debizing things...21:49
kfox1111been too busy on rpms though. so if you can get to it before I can, that would be awesome. :)21:49
kfox1111page is here: http://openstack.alioth.debian.org/21:50
kfox1111oh, and I'll say again, this is ugly ugly code. if reading it causes you to scratch your eyes out or go into a homicidal rage and kill your cat, its not my fault. ;)22:00
kfox1111will be cleaning it up in Mitaka22:00
kfox1111just trying to get basic functionality working and ensuring all the dependencies get into horizon/murano before the dead line.22:01
kfox1111oh.... I think I know why I ran into that STATIC_URL undefined thing... the template's a python template and the others are angular...22:05
kfox1111docaedo: you there?22:12
docaedokfox1111: here now22:40
kfox1111was going to have you try something, but ran into a bigger issue...22:40
docaedowhat's the issue you ran into?22:43
kfox1111Error: [$interpolate:noconcat] Error while interpolating: {$ STATIC_URL $}dashboard/project/app_catalog/_details_panel.html22:43
kfox1111Strict Contextual Escaping disallows interpolations that concatenate multiple expressions when a trusted value is required.  See http://docs.angularjs.org/api/ng.$sce22:43
docaedoI see .. there must be a standard way other plugins are handling the variable base URL thing though (I would think?)22:45
kfox1111not sure.22:46
kfox1111I don't have an example of a horizon plugin thats templating calling one template from another all in angular.22:46
docaedoI was going to look at a few of the other plugins listed on the horizon plugin page, figure this has to be pretty simple :)22:46
docaedoyeah well that part is different22:47
kfox1111and thats where its haning up on. the angular include. :/22:47
docaedooh, I thought it would just be a matter of defining the base URL somewhere in the config and letting that be22:48
kfox1111yeah. did that real quick. but then ran into a security thing in angular blocking it.22:49
docaedowell glad you found that :) I'm 100% unfamiliar with angular, and did a quick search/replace - made images and content show up (no more 404!) but still didn't work (like no launch button, etc.)23:02
kfox1111see the javascript console. probably spewing the same error as I'm seeing.23:03
docaedoI'll stop scratching my head, and will just get more familiar with what would need to happen to make it plug in nicely with devstack assuming the base URL can be detected or defined23:03
kfox1111k. I think I"m almost there fixing it. will have something for you to test in a few I think.23:05
docaedoawesome thanks!23:05
kfox1111thanks for blaizing the trail. :)23:11
kfox1111there we go... much closer.23:30
kfox1111arg... though the magic search things still a little ways out...23:36
docaedolemme know when there's something to play with :) No rush though, I don't really need it to be perfect for what I'm poking at anyway23:49
kfox1111yeah. just about there.23:49
docaedohah, well don't rush on my behalf, I'm about to leave the computers to get started on making a dinner23:51
kfox1111ok. magicsearch's working again... just gota figure out why the css is off.23:54

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