Thursday, 2015-09-10

kfox1111Im kind of thinking we follow the ironic versioning. we can support multiple horizons with one version number rather then just one to one.00:02
docaedothat could work00:02
kfox1111the big tent allows that now.00:03
docaedoah I have to run - did not do an agenda for tomorrows meeting - I don't really have anything other than the update on the devstack plugin at the moment00:03
kfox1111k. I don't really either.00:04
docaedofigure at a minimum I'll show up in the channel and see if anyone is there for the meeting - if so, can do quick announcements and open discussion (maybe someone has something to talk about!)00:05
kfox1111k. sounds good.00:05
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docaedoInteresting reading - ttx suggested we take a long look at the update framework and docker notary:
docaedoI'm going to be in transit shortly, but should be back online by meeting time this morning (in case anyone shows up) :)15:58
kfox1111they are finally getting validated images to work.15:59
kfox1111but they still don't have a nice way to secure secrets the containers need. :/15:59
kfox1111same problem as I've been fighting on the nova side. :/15:59
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kfox1111docaedo: just sent a plea to the dev mailing list for instance-users.17:28
* docaedo looks forward to reading that when he eventually catches up :)17:31
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docaedoinput from smart folk who know some things about web sites and frameworks - need to be looking at flask (and thus, I have my "things to learn all about" list for the next few days sorted!)23:45

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