Monday, 2015-09-28

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kfox1111docaedo: have a look a the python server yet?17:59
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docaedoI did, looked OK and worked for me but still slightly dubious of the cost of supporting django versions for the sake of compressing the whole asset list18:02
docaedoBUT that is not to say I'm fully against it either :) Did not get as much time this weekend to play with flask and RAML, but was just going to throw in a few assets and paste up a URL where you can see the results18:04
kfox1111yeah, if another project was doing all of the bits with flask, then I'd vote for just flask. but18:05
kfox1111it was really really useful to be able to look at horizon, see what they did, and just copy a working solution.18:06
kfox1111it would have taken me at least 10 times longer to figure it all out from scratch in flask I think. :/18:07
docaedoyeah :) I am torn because I've never made my own site with API endpoints from scratch, so looking for easy/fast/transparent way. Along that path, flask plus ramses (RAML api definition YAMLs) is SO easy18:10
docaedoeverything I'm seeing about how to do this under Django looks like it's got lots more pitfalls and will take a whole lot longer.18:10
docaedobut that doesn't mean we won't end up going that route, could be that using flask and ramses leaves out enough options to where it would be even more work to make it do what we want longer term18:11
kfox1111yeah, I see them as almost completely seperate things. rest api is a very different t hing then a website.18:12
kfox1111so choosing one technology to rule them all is limiting.18:12
docaedoright - so that's the thing I am missing I guess - why do we need python to serve a static website?18:12
kfox1111for example, javascript is much more responsive in a website then python due to working on the client.18:13
kfox1111python for restapi's are great though.18:13
kfox1111basically, we're using python to generate the static website.18:13
kfox1111IE, take 37 different .js files and compile them to 1.18:13
kfox1111so, in a way, we're using python as a web build system.18:14
kfox1111but not using it for anything else server side.18:14
docaedoah! ok that makes a lot more sense and somehow I missed that, apologies :)18:14
kfox1111yeah. I'd like to keep everything I can javascript on the client side, and access stuff through the api calls.18:15
kfox1111django just provides a very simple way to deal with all of the javascript includes.18:16
kfox1111you don't have to copy javascript into the repo, or link to external sites. you just ask xstatic for them, and include them in one template, and it takes care of the rest.18:16
kfox1111pip deals with the rest.18:17
docaedomakes sense now, really feel dim for having missed that logic earlier haha18:20
kfox1111no worries. its not really aparent from how djano's setup.18:22
kfox1111but that's all we'd be using it for.18:22
kfox1111it took me a long time to figure out how django compress works. debugging horizon mostly. :/18:23
kfox1111but basically your just marking the stuff you want all merged together with the compress tag in the template, and the engine takes care of the rest.18:23
kfox1111you can then set COMPRESS_ENABLED=True for it to spit out one file,18:24
kfox1111or set it to false to include all the individual files (makes debugging much easier)18:24
kfox1111We do have to figure out how to make flask rest api do the CORS stuff, and then I think its possible to merge the review.18:26
docaedopip install -U flask-cors18:35
docaedoThere's slightly more to it, and I'm looking right now for where I saw it, I think I saw something as simple as a config flip in the ini18:35
docaedocors.enable = false18:36
docaedocors.allow_origins = %(base_url)s18:36
docaedocors.allow_credentials = true18:36
docaedo(that's with ramses and nefertari)18:36
kfox1111probably just a decorator on the rest api?18:37
kfox1111(for v1)18:37
docaedoAlso tangentially related, openstack marketplace is php so not sure what we will be able to reference from there w/r/t using openstack ID for auth ( just wanted to share that before I forgot18:49
docaedoand in the category of other things that are apparently afoot, as noted from Serg's reply on the mailing list "The Mirantis team is building a PoC of using Glance v3 (artifacts) as the back-end over the next two weeks."18:51
docaedoI'm really not sure what that's about, and might just be miscommunication around "app catalog" vs. "murano", because I don't think anybody has been talking about that, what it would look like, exactly where/how it integrates with the app catalog etc.18:52
docaedobut I guess if it does suddenly show up as a glance back end for the app catalog we will see what that could look like :)18:53
kfox1111I think that means just using glance to store its packages rather then storing them in its own db.18:53
kfox1111glance/murano is a local app catalog. what we're providing is a remote catalog.18:54
kfox1111yeah, I figured we'd have to use openid or something?18:54
kfox1111I think the'res quite a few implementations.18:55
docaedofor murano - which is a cool idea for murano. I do wonder what getting that adopted would look like, as a huge number of operators are still on glance v2, let alone glance v318:55
kfox1111unlike v1->v2, I think v3's on the same api server as v2. so I don't think its burdonsom on the deployer like v1.18:55
kfox1111you just kind of get it for free  I think.18:56
docaedoyep, I don't think using openstackID as one of the auth options will be much of a challenge, seems like the work for ask openstack is a good model too (as you can use a few different ID sources)18:56
docaedoah interesting, I didn't know that about v1-v2 vs v318:56
kfox1111been thinking more and more about using a cloud key of some kind for auth for horizon, so each user doesn't have to auth idividually.18:56
kfox1111it also gives a very interesting other idea.18:56
kfox1111the cloud key could be tied to particulars of the cloud. so, heat engine version... say.18:57
kfox1111then if the user +1's or -1's an entry, we could figure out if its because they had a bad experience due to an incopatable version of heat-engine.18:57
kfox1111say, everyone but a few always plus 1, but everyone who -1'ed are all on the same heat version.18:58
kfox1111we could then flag the template as incompatable with xxxx.18:58
docaedocould be an interesting approach19:02
kfox1111nice... delorean's building packages on my box for app-catalog-ui pretty reliably now.19:23
kfox1111just gota get the spec upstreamed now.19:23
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kfox1111kzaitsev_mb: hey.20:36
kzaitsev_mbkfox1111: pong =)21:30
kfox1111heat has a build-info command that lets you query the heat engine version.21:36
kfox1111does murano have such an animal?21:36
kzaitsev_mbI believe not. not that I know about anyway21:36
kfox1111could it? :)21:37
docaedoThat would be pretty great, especially considering the intention to continue improving the capabilities, would be useful to determine what your locally available murano engine is capable of21:38
kzaitsev_mbmurano is aiming at independable versions of apps. I mean that they should not be dependant on the version of the engine, but on the version of the core library (which is distributed as part of murano, but it aims to be able to distribute it separately.)21:41
kzaitsev_mbso in fact it aims for the situation, where the app says I need core-library >= 1.2.3 (and all the features defined there)21:41
kzaitsev_mbalthough the two ideas may complement each other.21:44
docaedosure - should be possible to detect what murano engine you (user/service) has access to from outside murano, that enables the ability for something external to determine which version of an asset/bundle to share for instance21:46
kzaitsev_mbI'll definitelly take a look at heats 'build-info', seems usefull for debugging anyway!21:47
kfox1111kzaitsev_mb: we've already hit a situation where liberty murano has more support for things then kilo murano.21:47
kfox1111do you really think that will change so that no new features are added to the engine?21:48
kzaitsev_mbwell, that's the aim for mitaka, as far as I understand murano versioning21:49
kfox1111hmm... k.21:49
kfox1111will the murano core library come as part of murano then?21:50
kzaitsev_mbbut I really like the build-info idea anyway. should be usefull as hell for debugging21:50
kfox1111yeah. :)21:51
kzaitsev_mboslo guys spoke of a common bug-report tool for all the projects to share on the meeting today21:51
kfox1111that would be cool. :)21:52
kzaitsev_mbdon't know why I mentioned it, just thought these might be related =))21:52
kfox1111somewhat. a bug reporting tool would need to know things like engine version.21:53
kzaitsev_mbthe plan is to allow distribution of Core-Library separately and version it accordingly — i.e. bump the version whenever a breaking/incompatible change is made.21:59
kfox1111very nice. thats one of my biggest complains with python.22:00
kfox1111so, at some point though, you can't add any more funcitonality to a core library without extending the engine.22:01
kfox1111unless the engine's turnign complete.22:01
kfox1111and I really hope its not. :/22:01
kfox1111is murano intended to be turning complete?22:04
kzaitsev_mbtbh — I do not know the answer =)22:05
kfox1111something the murano teem needs to be able to. As an op, I'm very concerned about not allowing user owned code running on the controller nodes.22:06
kfox1111heat's tried very hard to ensure all run's are time bound, and all user provided code only runs in the vm's they own.22:07

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