Friday, 2015-10-16

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kfox1111so, should we cut app-catalog-ui 1.0.0 today?15:44
kfox1111I haven't heard any complaints about b2.15:44
kfox1111(Though I don't think too many people have tried it yet)15:45
docaedoWe certainly could :)  I'm really annoyed by horizon breaking the glance form thing - should we propose a patch that repairs it?15:47
kfox1111we talked about it a little. the problem is they are refactoring more code to go to angular, and there are no unit tests for the features that we depend on, but nothing in tree does.15:48
kfox1111they are concerned too, since they are pusing more and more to have out of tree plugins be more of a normal thing.15:49
kfox1111I think the path forward long term is to provide solinium tests of our own, and mabe we gate horizon.15:50
docaedo+1 for tests of any variety :)15:50
kfox1111short term, yeah, I submitted the bug report. they know its a problem but I don't think they have put in any cycles to fix it.15:50
kfox1111I haven't had time to figure out a fix.15:50
kfox1111another possibility, which I like a little better, is to formalize the api a bit on the horizon side.15:51
kfox1111We're triggering their widgets via a side affect sort of.15:51
kfox1111if it was a proper angular function signature, we could have a test on their end that their function is working properly, and we just call it to show the dialog.15:51
kfox1111I figured we'd discuss it more with them at the summit.15:52
kfox1111the angular thing's very nice and clean, but the funny thing is, that thats where they kind of are trying to go, and breaking things along the way.15:52
kfox1111but eventually, it will be fixed again.15:53
kfox1111so it may just be this dev cycle where things are broken for a while. :/15:53
docaedoah .. well should make some good progress at the summit at least15:54
docaedoin other news, I think we'll a first pass of v1-api-implemented-in-python today or tomorrow :)15:55
docaedoand I need to respond to the email on that topic (and glance v3) today. Basically understand the points put forward in the email, and will be happy to see a PoC for tire kicking15:56
kfox1111maybe I missed that email. do you have a link?15:56
docaedobut on the -1 side, just because glance has similar functionality does not mean it's the best choice, an the app catalog serves a very different use case/audience15:56
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docaedoso it's not likely worth taking on all of the potential drawbacks of an experimental version of a project rather than just making something much lighter that we can quickly iterate on15:57
docaedo(sure, hold one for link)15:57
docaedo(and rather than question the current level of involvement, I'll just encourage some re-engagement if there's continuing interest to be involved)15:59
kfox1111yeah... we really really need to get the glance artifact folks in a room with us at the summit.16:06
kfox1111I'm 100% on board with schema alignment.16:07
docaedoyes - would be great to have an in person conversation, but that email is not going to make me believe we need to stop working on an API for the app catalog :)16:07
kfox1111api, would be ideal too.16:07
kfox1111not sure we can share the implementation for
kfox1111but if its api compatable, that woudl still be interesting.16:07
kfox1111there's an aspect of "you've been wanting us to use your stuff, but you havent POC'ed it in 6 months."16:08
kfox1111I think the discussion will be very good to have.16:09
kfox1111the more we can remove duplication here (unresonable duplication), the better we all will be.16:10
docaedoyeah, it's .. I'll just say a little odd considering the long delays between communication and the lack of any participation. I figured it had long since been forgotten.  That PoC is always two weeks away :)16:10
docaedoFrankly one of the best things about the app catalog is that we're not dependent on any other OpenStack project so we can move much quicker16:10
docaedowe also have a very different mission16:10
docaedoall the other openstack projects are intended to be re-deployed at hundreds of different sites16:11
docaedoand need to interact closely with all the other projects16:11
docaedoand have a shared global-requirements16:11
docaedowhich leads to lots of horse trading when you want to do something new16:11
kfox1111yeah. I agree. which is why I quantified my statement with 'unreasonable' duplication. some dupication may be reasonable.16:11
docaedoand also leads to very different design decisions16:11
docaedovs. what we are doing - is basically building a web site and a searchable database16:12
docaedoI'm all for duplication though16:12
kfox1111but things like, if they have already come up with a versioned schema that closely matches ours, we might be able to just adopt that for our v2.16:12
docaedoand will gladly pull in other bits that work for us, including like you said a versioned schema that works well for v216:12
kfox1111ie, we just dump the metadata out of the various glance artifacts and into the app catalog. and import tool kind of thing.16:12
kfox1111meeting next....16:44
docaedogood response, I have a little to add but you covered the meat - next thing is to talk in Tokyo really17:10
kfox1111cool. :)17:27
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kfox1111docaedo: do you want to send an email to the mailing list about the app-catalog-ui 1.0.0 or should I?17:49
docaedokfox1111: go for it! You've done all the hard work around that, I think it's great exposure for you to make that announcement :)17:52
kfox1111(was kind of hoping you would... just due to time constraints)17:53
kfox1111(if you have time)17:54
docaedohaha ok no problem17:54
kfox1111k. app-catalog-ui-1.0.0's tagged and in pypi.17:55
kfox1111if you could update the debian package, that would be good too. I'll try and update the rdo package under review.17:56
kfox1111nothing from the rdo folks.... crickets.. getting really anoyed. :/17:56
docaedoyep, I'll work on a new release of the deb17:56
kfox1111k. thanks.17:56
* docaedo has no comment re: responsiveness from folks wearing hats...17:56
kfox1111yeah.... a "we're supper busy right now, will get to it later" would be enough... :/17:57
kfox1111as an Op, it makes me loose some faith in them keeping up with things.17:58
kfox1111arg... I've lost all my history for building the fedora package... the procedure was... not streight forward. :/18:02
docaedooh that's no fun18:04
docaedoregarding the release ( we should have release notes as part of the announcement - but since it's the "first", should it just talk about what the horizon plugin does?18:05
kfox1111ah. probably.18:06
kfox1111ah. I found the history. I'll make sure I write it down this time. :/18:10
kfox1111hmm... actually, I did get a little bit of feedback from the rdo group after the email. it was direct through bugzilla but email me. :/18:43
kfox1111so, progress.18:43
docaedonice, better than nothing :)19:09
kfox1111got their comments merged.19:10
kfox1111just trying to fix things after the enabled/ dir move.19:10
kfox1111just about done....19:10
kfox1111there we go.. got a new build of the 1.0.0 release working.... will resubmit it to rdo.19:21
kfox1111k. that's as done as I can make it until rdo looks at it again.19:25
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