Tuesday, 2015-10-20

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openstackgerritChristopher Aedo proposed openstack/app-catalog: Add link and info for app-catalog-ui horizon plugin  https://review.openstack.org/23734301:08
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kfox1111arg.... css makes some things that should be easy, really hard. :/17:10
kfox1111AAARGGG CSSSS!!! KAAAHHHNNNN!!!! :)17:26
docaedoEvery now and then I edge into CSS and try to do something, and then get really frustrated and usually give up17:29
kfox1111some days,, I wish we could go back to tables. :/17:30
kfox1111I could make them look right consistently. :/17:30
kfox1111I got the website to look like this: http://efox.cc/temp/app-catalog-tab.png17:30
kfox1111but it fails really badly if you resize. :/17:31
kfox1111and seems to only render in firefox. :/17:31
docaedooh wow that looks really great! just imagine if it rendered in chrome and you could resize :D17:31
kfox1111and, out of time to work on it. :/17:31
kfox1111I'll +2 your patch as is. :/17:32
kfox1111maybe you could make one of those gray boxes around it at least, so it stands out a little?17:32
docaedowe'll consider my patch purely temporary17:32
docaedoI'll see if I can mess around with it too today, maybe can so something like that to make it stand out more17:33
kfox1111ok. cool. thanks.17:35
kfox1111looking at the image, maybe we just slide the tab streight down to the left of the text?17:36
kfox1111then it would leave the icons across the top alone.17:36
docaedoYeah I like the plugin icon - if you moved that down and just had a gray rectangle with that icon all the way on the left, and the text to the right of it, I think it would look good17:38
docaedobut somehow I'm sure CSS will thwart your attempts :D17:39
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kfox1111yup. css still making me grumpy...19:30
openstackgerritKevin Fox proposed openstack/app-catalog: Add link and info for app-catalog-ui horizon plugin  https://review.openstack.org/23734319:33
kfox1111close enough for now....19:33
kfox1111valigning is still stupid. :/19:34
docaedolooks good in ff and chrome for me, though the text is swimming in all that space in the grey box - maybe make it a smidge bigger (I'm playing around with it right now) .. much better than the original PR!19:42
docaedoBTW I'm updating the wiki today as well, with stuff about app-catalog-ui19:43
kfox1111cool. thanks.19:43
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kzaitsev_mbdocaedo: kfox1111: I'd love to schedule a meeting with you guys on the summit — I've got a couple of ideas I'd like to discuss =) Not sure how to do that in a correct way (my 1st OS summit =))19:48
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docaedokzaitsev_mb: for informal stuff, best to just try to catch up over lunch or something, and then also plan to talk about it in the work session on Thursday, that would be my suggestion19:50
kzaitsev_mb1) about updating assets in the catalog. I mean that right now we have no way to update stored assets and it would be great to try and figure out how to properly do that now and how to do that later19:51
kzaitsev_mb2) more murano related — would that be a good idea to make Openstack Proposal Bot or some similar bot automatically import some packages (say listed in a file or similar) from murano-apps to app-catalog? Say, per tag commit for example.19:54
kzaitsev_mbdocaedo: I'm not sure how much formal that is =)19:54
kfox1111I think we should discuss further too, whether we should be in the content hosting buisness...19:56
docaedokzaitsev_mb: I think they'd both be good topics to discuss in the work group session19:56
kfox1111we're doing it for some things and not others.19:56
docaedoas for 1, by stored assets I assume you mean the stuff that's in the rackspace files object store - I completely agree that's got to be fixed19:56
docaedomy thinking on how to fix that is:19:56
docaedoimplement relatively simple API that includes ownership of an asset (i.e. user x can always change things later in that asset)19:57
docaedoand include the ability to trigger a replacement of an asset - which would be stored in swift or rackspace files (but not manually managed - would be automated)19:58
kzaitsev_mbdocaedo: would that mean, that to upload an asset one would need to, say, create an account? sounds reasonable.19:58
docaedothat assumes we're still in the content hosting business, which is something worth discussing - I personally think it's a good thing to do that, as it's the expected behavior for things like this19:58
docaedokzaitsev_mb: yes, account would be required to add any assets (and the account would just be the openstack ID)19:59
kzaitsev_mblet's schedule that for a talk too, then =)19:59
kfox1111so... who's paying the bill?19:59
docaedothese are the kind of things we can/should have on the weekly agenda to discuss too :)19:59
kfox1111the foundation?19:59
docaedoOpenStack Foundation19:59
docaedowell - TBH I think it's donated for this stuff, by rackspace now, could be other donors down the road20:00
kzaitsev_mbso, do I mark these ideas for discussion somewhere etherpad or something or just make mental notes?20:02
kzaitsev_mbsorry, if asking dumb questions )20:02
kfox1111+1 for a summit etherpad.20:03
docaedoAdding that now, was meaning to do it before EOD but glad this came up - will have it on https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Design_Summit/Mitaka/Etherpads shortly20:04
docaedoand will paste etherpad link here as well momentarily20:05
kfox1111cool. thx.20:06
kzaitsev_mbthanx =)20:10
kfox1111do they only have one app for the summit this time?20:35
docaedoyes I believe it's all in one thing this time20:38
kfox1111nice. it being split last time was kind of a pain. :)20:38
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kzaitsev_mbone more question — do you guys already have plans for expanding the number types of assets app catalog has? =)23:17
kzaitsev_mbWho should we target, ping, bug as potential targets for additional asstes?23:18
docaedoYes, that was part of the work behind putting all asset types into one yaml (allowing any other type of asset)23:19
docaedoNot sure who else to ping really (will type more when I'm back at computer in a bit)23:20
kfox1111solum expressed interest. I think thats possible now.23:36
kfox1111One of the one's I'd really like to see is magnum.23:37
kfox1111I'm sure in the next couple of months, I'll get enough time to test deploy magnum... :)23:37
kfox1111I'm not sure how many other projects really need assets loaded into them through their own types.23:38
kfox1111sahara and trove just use glance images.23:38
kfox1111maybe monasca, if you can load custom plugins?23:38
kfox1111designate/barbican shouldn't need any...23:40
kfox1111hmm.... maybe ironic?23:47
kzaitsev_mbironic? )23:47
kfox1111if they ship some assets (um... "The python agent" boot images", or something) that may want to be able to quickly find the newest of, and load it in? reaching a bit on that one. not sure.23:49
kfox1111I went through all the current official project teams. really probably just solum at this point and maybe ironic.23:50
kfox1111we'll see about the big tent stuff once it all floods in.23:50
kfox1111I guess there's another catagory though... trove/sahara/magnum/manila, etc probably all have glance images that would be nice to have pulled into the catalog, if not there already.23:51
docaedoIronic AFAIK uses glance images23:51
kfox1111they use glance images for launching vm's. but I know they use a custom boot image they made to copy the image from glance to the node.23:52
kzaitsev_mbabout magnum — wasn't the whole idea of docker images to use docker hub?23:52
kfox1111I'm wondering if there are other artifacts like that, that they may need help sharing.23:52
kfox1111kind of?23:53
docaedoyeah regarding magnum I think at least for the things in dockerhub, makes no sense to duplicate them.23:53
kfox1111here's what I'm thinking there....23:53
kzaitsev_mbyep, encouraging people to share images with pre-built agents sounds like a good idea23:53
kfox1111docker containers can work well as "cloud apps", or not. its just a technology.23:53
docaedoI've been thinking a lot about how we could make the catalog useful in front of other registries (like docker), there's where I was heading when I talked about playing around with a template building wizard  (i.e. a template that preps a VM for then running a cloud foundry app or docker image or something)23:54
kfox1111also, we provide an interesting feature, a single interface to go look for things that will work in your cloud.23:54
docaedobut that approach is not useful for anything other than playing around/test drive23:54
docaedoagreed on it being a single interface23:54
docaedothat's why I am trying to figure out if there's a way that makes it easier for people to find the things in other registries as well23:55
kfox1111yeah. so,23:55
kfox1111say the repo we have now, is the repo for glance,nova,etc.23:55
kfox1111and docker hub is the repo for docker bits.23:55
kfox1111if you did a search, and you didn't care about how the app is built, it should be able to search both repos, show you the appropriate command to run in your cloud to get it working,23:56
kfox1111or provide you the ui to click to just launch it in horizon.23:56
kfox1111if magnum is installed, it can launch the selected docker container there.23:56
kfox1111if murano has a docker instance up, it can let the user run it there instead.23:57
kfox1111or if none of the above, a simple heat template that just takes the docker container, and laucnhes it in a single vm.23:57
kfox1111this will allow us to build up the ratings/comments on particular docker containers and other things also, that are good/not so good, so other users benifit from that too.23:58
kfox1111and ideally, once we start tagging resources, maybe we can fill in (or have users fill in) some of the missing data that the docker hub doesn't provide.23:58
kfox1111(Is a docker container statful or stateless, what happens when you delete the container).23:59
kfox1111also, something else to consider.23:59
kfox1111docker itself is just kind of a low level plumbing thing. by itself its not terribly useful.23:59

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