Friday, 2015-10-23

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kzaitsev_mbdocaedo: kfox1111_: may I invite you to murano contributors meet-up guys? it'll be on Friday and one of the most important things in agenda is the app catalog
kzaitsev_mbthere should be plenty of time for us to dicsuss the topic there =)13:20
docaedokzaitsev_mb: I can make part of that for sure, but I'm leaving friday evening so I think I have to head for the airport around 214:29
kzaitsev_mbdocaedo: first session is Friday 9-30 till 12-30 so you might make it there, or we might try and find some place on other days, if that's still not convenient enough.14:34
docaedoYep - main thing you can count on hearing from me is "anyone who wants to be involved in the app catalog should come to the weekly meetings, and work with us on planning" :)14:35
kzaitsev_mbgot that )14:37
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kfox1111_yeah. my plane leaves at 5:45 too, so I'll have to leave before the end of the second session.15:45
kfox1111_maybe we shoot for the first session then?15:46
kzaitsev_mbyep, looks like first session would be the best. unless we manage to sync ourselves before Friday15:46
kfox1111_I'm planning going through the schedule again today. so hopefully I can get things figured out... been fighting fires all week. :/15:47
kzaitsev_mbI've reviewed my sched schedule today and found, that I have marked at most 7 (!) events for one time slot ))15:49
kfox1111_hehe. yeah.15:49
kfox1111_last summit I tried really hard to get to a lot of the presentations. towards the end I just gave up entirely and figured I'd be able to see them via youtube later. which ended up working really well.15:50
kfox1111_so now its just trying to figure out how to get to the design sessions when so many conflict.15:50
kfox1111_k. I'll be at the 9:00 one for sure.15:57
kzaitsev_mbawesome, really hope docaedo will also be able to get there )15:58
docaedoI'll make sure I make that one too15:58
kfox1111_kind of hope the discussion can happen a bit sooner then that though. just in case.15:59
kfox1111_cause it may take a while.15:59
kfox1111_there's another glance artifact session earlier that I'm going to get to too.15:59
kzaitsev_mbsounds like a nice option to get everyone together too15:59
kfox1111_let me find it...16:00
kzaitsev_mbthis one?16:01
kfox1111_The Nova instance user discussion is schedualed right on top of the glance artifact api one...16:01
kfox1111_I can't not go to the instance user one. :/16:07
kfox1111_we've had to get nova keystone, barbican, heat and trove devs all together in one place. :/16:07
kzaitsev_mbwell, you can get to us a after that one, I guess we'll find time to update you on what's been there and continue the conversation16:09
kzaitsev_mbI need to find a fine pic of me and update shed profile ))16:12
kfox1111_my bigest concern with the glance v3 would be not allowing ourselves to tie in external repo's like we were talkign about yesterday. wanting to be able to pull in docker hub containers for example.16:13
kfox1111_they wouldn't nessisarily have a glance artifact associated with them, but still would be an application that users may want to launch.16:13
kfox1111_I also think glance's horizon ui for v3 can benifit from some of the app-catalog-ui stuff, so maybe we should figure out a way to share there.16:14
kfox1111_kzaitsev_mb: can you please extend the invite to the glance artifact folks?16:16
kfox1111_the 9:00 one?16:16
kzaitsev_mbyou mean the description?16:16
kfox1111_it would be nice if they could attend so we can discuss the needsd of glance/murano/app-catalog all together.16:17
kzaitsev_mboh, you mean reach out to the folks and ask them to participate?16:18
kfox1111_arg... the website and app don't seem to sync. :/16:19
kzaitsev_mbsure, will do )16:19
kfox1111_maybe I got the logins differnet somehow...16:20
kfox1111_ah. there we go. yeah. I have two logins now. :/16:21
kzaitsev_mbi have the same problem with eventbrite16:21
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docaedothanks for that, added to my schedule17:40
kfox1111_np. :)18:12
kfox1111_ok. schedule finally done.19:49
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kfox1111_kzaitsev_mb: I sent a message to the mailing list.21:23
kzaitsev_mbok, I'think it's worth it to ask those we see on the artifacts API to join us on the friday one21:28
kfox1111_ah. good idea.21:32
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