Tuesday, 2015-11-03

openstackgerritDerek Yama-Dang proposed openstack/app-catalog: update description block for CloudBees VM image Change-Id: I839912586ac6c8f89dea46ea712d187a74b9aa1e  https://review.openstack.org/24077201:10
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kfox1111_docaedo: one thing we will have to figure out with the v2 api is how to deal with license tagging.16:42
kfox1111_people keep trying to flag things as purely opensource when it in fact isn't.16:43
kfox1111_its ok not to be, but we don't want to tell people its ok to redistribute something when its not, or they are allowed to create dirivitive works, when its not.16:44
docaedokfox1111_: yeah good point, and thanks for catching that on the cloudbees submission16:44
kfox1111_you make it back without incident?16:45
kfox1111_my second plane got canceled. had to go the next day. :/16:45
docaedooh man! I had a direct flight back to PDX. Even got lucky in a way, basically no jet lag on the return. Never fully got adjusted in tokyo this time, never got a decent nights sleep16:47
kfox1111_maybe for the v2 api form, we need a wizard or something that asks a few questions for licensing, to help steer them in the right direction. "Does this include any bits that are not open source", "Is it completely redistributable", etc.16:47
kfox1111_I couldn't sleep on the way back. :/   was up for some 30 hours or something like that.16:47
kfox1111_then the plane got delayed. then delayed again, and then canceled.16:48
docaedoI think the wizard for submissions is a really good idea16:48
docaedowow that sounds brutal16:48
kfox1111_that was like 9: something. and then they said, they could get us from seattle to portland, then portland to pasco, and have us there at midnight.16:48
kfox1111_with the extra delays, I figured fat chance that actually would work and asked for them to put me up for the night.16:48
kfox1111_funny thing is,16:49
kfox1111_we were in Tokyo for a week, and I never saw a cosplayer.16:49
kfox1111_but they put me up in a hotel that was doing an anime con.16:49
kfox1111_I had a good laugh over that one. :)16:49
docaedowhere did you get stranded?16:51
docaedoah ok16:51
kfox1111_I walked in, and saw a lot of kids in costumes.16:52
kfox1111_then it hit me it was halloween16:52
kfox1111_then it hit me again, wait... those weren't halloween costumes... :)16:52
docaedoI don't think I saw any cosplayers in real life either, exactly, but did see girls dressed up for maid bars in Shinjuku, and saw a few groups in costumes for halloween16:52
kfox1111_ah. yeah.16:53
docaedooh there were some people dressed up at the scality party to host stuff in the cosplay/maid bar room16:53
docaedoso I'm going to count that :)16:53
kfox1111_ah. I missed that party.16:53
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openstackgerritDerek Yama-Dang proposed openstack/app-catalog: Image to be used with CloudBees PSE Change-Id: I839912586ac6c8f89dea46ea712d187a74b9aa1e  https://review.openstack.org/24077222:21
kfox1111_docaedo: double checking.... the patch above ^--- looks like it may have duplicated the Fedora 21 asset?23:44
kfox1111_or am I just misreading it?23:44
kfox1111_if not, it looks good to me.23:44
docaedooh let me see actually - I'll admit I just compared the last two patches to see the progress from the first23:45
* docaedo might be lazy and blames, um, jet lag, yeah that's it, jet lag!23:46
kfox1111_actually a little surprised that the checks wouldnt' complain if it was the case.23:47
docaedoit's not duplicated, maybe it's just because *I* did my change on master branch (no idea how/why I missed that), and this change is on master as well?23:51
kfox1111_very strange...23:53
kfox1111_I'm not seeing the fedora one in the changelog...23:53
kfox1111_is this branched off of an older master maybe?23:53
kfox1111_yeah. must be...23:54
kfox1111_"Add Magnum Atomic image to glance" is not in the commit history of that review.23:54
kfox1111_so its trying to remerge that all in one patch.23:55
kfox1111_I'm really surprised it didn't come up as a merge conflict.23:55
kfox1111_maybe because its trivially rebasable.23:55
kfox1111_its not giving a rebase option though in gerrit.23:56
kfox1111_very very strange...23:56
docaedoyeah when stuff like this comes up between gerrit, git etc. I usually just cross my fingers and try not to think too hard if it's not showing any errors :)23:58
kfox1111_I'll try and fix it. I think I've got it...23:58

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