Monday, 2015-11-16

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kfox1111docaedo: thats looking good. :)17:08
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kfox1111for the apache config, should pull out the /api/* stuff. the wsgi script will handle it now.17:08
docaedokfox1111: actually it doesn't work :( Had two other people looking at it, and couldn't make sense of the errors being thrown (such as
docaedoI intended to pull out the /api/ stuff but wanted to just get it working even a little bit first, no joy as of last week17:18
docaedoI should say actually - the manifest stuff works right, and it's all close - sets up the server, runs pip install in a venv (and creates the venv if it doesn't exist), apache is running the wsgi, and SEEMS like apache python has the right environment (but maybe that's where this is failing)17:22
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docaedoand throwing PBR errors is what basically stumps me17:23
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kfox1111ah. pbr...20:43
kfox1111so, pbr looks for some stuff....20:43
kfox1111either in the git logs of the current checkout, or I think in the egg file that is generated during sdist, or copied during a pip install.20:44
docaedoIs there anything more that has to happen on the server other than checking out app-catalog and then running "pip install ." in that directory?20:47
docaedo(and after that, pointing / at openstack_catalog/
docaedoalso - is there a commit that works better?  I'm using the first python server WIP, but maybe there's a different one?  Haven't looked through all the related commits20:48
kfox1111the first commit shoudl work. is the thing working?20:50
kfox1111it looks like its running: pip install -r $root/requirements.txt, then running out of the git checkout for the rest.20:50
docaedohah, damn it did work (because that's where I started from) but somewhere along the way I broke something :/  Gimme a minute to reset21:01
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docaedook I had just really screwed up my local env vars, just had to start session over - so run tests works, but pip freeze is different in the venv created from run_tests vs. the one created by puppet manifest21:14
docaedo(looking to see if one only does test_requirements now)21:14
docaedoso the virtualenv is created in /opt/virtenv-app-catalog after the repo is cloned to /opt/apps_site, and it runs pip install -r /opt/apps_site/requirements.txt21:17
docaedothen the apache config theoretically uses that virtual env21:18
docaedoand after cleaning up, and re-deploying fresh, this is the error:21:18
docaedoif I activate that venv and run python runserver is works21:21
docaedoif I activate that venv and run cd /opt/apps_site/openstack_catalog; python .. I don't get any output (no errors, etc. - which I think is expected and good)21:22
docaedoSO! that all makes me think it's just the apache config, but it should be really simple, and I can't figure out what is going wrong21:22
kfox1111I'm guessing isn't being copied over to the venv maybe?21:37
kfox1111are you python install'ing the /opt/apps_site into /opt/virtual-app-catalog too?21:38
docaedokfox1111: nope!21:43
docaedolemme see if that's it :)21:43
docaedotried that, didn't seem to make a difference21:44
docaedosame errors to be clear - but clarkb just gave me an idea for something related to look at - though that (running install in the venv) is an essential step just the same21:45
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docaedohaha, man .. changed the script alias to point to app catalog installed in virtual env, but had a tiny typo I missed along the way, took me a little while to find it along the way fixed other stuff,21:59
docaedothen thinking "ah, ok, last typo!" and now I get the same21:59
docaedoissue - "ImportError: No module named wsgi_django"22:00
docaedoexcept now I'm getting it from a new place at least! "/opt/virtenv-app-catalog/lib/python2.7/site-packages/openstack_catalog/"22:00
kfox1111yeah, Its been a day like that for me too. :)22:01
kfox1111I think the is trying to import wsgi_django from the same place as its in, but I don't know if that always works.22:01
kfox1111your error kind of implies it doesnt.22:01
kfox1111maybe change the import to do openstack_catalog.wsgi_django? or add openstack_catalog to the python path?22:02
docaedohere's the apache config for reference now:
docaedoI'll try adding that to the path22:03
docaedoHAH! Now I have the PBR errors :D22:04
kfox1111heh. and the cycle continues. :)22:05
kfox1111maybe drop /opt/apps_site/ out of the python path now?22:05
kfox1111if its all installed, I'm not sure it needs to be there...22:05
docaedoyeah good catch on that one, trying now22:05
kfox1111(wsgi is a bit of a dark art sometimes... :)22:05
kfox1111hmm.... another thing, when you did the install, was pbr >= 1.3 installed? I've seen less break it in odd ways.22:07
docaedowhatever came from requirements, looks like 0.11.022:08
kfox1111that may be part of it then.22:10
kfox1111python's dep stuff works relatively well, but there are some weird... issues... it has from time to time.22:10
docaedocan PBR be dropped? Or is this a result of trying to pull in some stuff from horizon?22:20
docaedoBTW upgraded pbr to 1.8.1, and still looks no bueno:
kfox1111pbr usually makes less trouble then not using it.22:30
docaedoyeah I know :)22:30
docaedoat least we've made progress, might just need some version specifier or something like that22:30
kfox1111is there a PKG-INFO file somewhere?22:33
kfox1111something like: ../horizon/.venv/lib/python2.7/site-packages/app_catalog_common-0.0.0-py2.7.egg-info/PKG-INFO22:36
docaedonot showing up in the venv ..22:36
kfox1111shoud probably be in /opt/virtenv-app-catalog/lib/python2.7/site-packages/ somewhere...22:36
docaedoyep - is it supposed to end up there when running install?22:37
kfox1111I think so.22:38
kfox1111maybe try 'pip install .' instead22:39
docaedook with pip install, have lib/python2.7/site-packages/catalog-0.0.1.dev188-py2.7.egg-info/PKG-INFO22:42
kfox1111that looks better.22:42
kfox1111strange python install wasn't doing that..22:42
docaedobut still seeing the same error in the logs (also, it downgraded PBR version to match what was in requirements - what's the reason requirements.txt has that version?)22:42
kfox1111maybe pip install forces it through a sdist first.22:42
kfox1111I think it was there from the begining... I think I raised it up to 1.3 in the angular version.22:43
kfox1111might just try bumping it up to >=1.322:43
kfox1111might manually install it first, then bump the version, then try 'pip install .'22:44
docaedobumped the version, same error :( so weird22:45
docaedoLooks like we need to give it a version PBR likes:
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