Wednesday, 2015-11-18

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docaedoworked through so much fun with wsgi, pip, app-catalog )04:38
docaedoclose close close, but not there yet - now realized after pip install of app catalog, api/ is trying to open f = open('openstack_catalog/web/api/v1/assets', 'r')04:40
docaedotomorrow I'll figure out how to tell it where to (reliably) find the proper root, and we'll be able to switch over to the API - wheeee!04:41
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kfox1111ah. right...17:13
docaedoTurns out infra doesn't do virtual environments for anything they host :) So I have a few tweaks to make on that front.17:15
kfox1111 bug 1268372 in Package Review "Review Request: openstack-app-catalog-ui - openstack horizon plugin for the openstack app-catalog" [Medium,Assigned] - Assigned to mrunge17:15
docaedoCan also make a template for setup.cfg so we can set a base directory for the file17:16
kfox1111all of our deps shoudl be packaged. since we're just depending on stuf horizon does too.17:16
kfox1111probably better to tweak settings.py17:16
docaedoah right, that makes sense17:18
docaedoJust have to set STATIC_ROOT then, easy :)17:19
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docaedoOn that very topic19:01
docaedojust now looking at the askbot puppet manifest, looks like they just have a copy of the file in templates directory.19:02
docaedoI don't much like that approach, because then if/when we change, we have to push an infra change19:03
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docaedoAny ideas on a clever way of putting this in so we can default to "production" values (compress on, debug off, known path for the static files, etc.)19:04
docaedoThen we can default to that, and have a second set of values for development that can be switched when running locally?19:04
kfox1111how about at the bottom of we add19:07
kfox1111  from openstack_catalog.local_settings import *19:07
kfox1111  pass19:07
kfox1111we won't add that file into git.19:08
kfox1111then the infra stuff can setup override settings in there.19:08
docaedothat would work I think19:10
docaedooh doesn't even try to find the static root?  Or is static_root something meant to be used with/for collectstatic?19:28
kfox1111yeah, I think its for collectstatic19:45
kfox1111you should be able to import openstack_catalog.settings from I think though, and get at the values.19:45
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