Monday, 2015-11-30

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kfox1111docaedo: good catch. :)16:34
kfox1111docaedo: you around?16:47
kfox1111  since you have devstack, can you please have a look at that?16:48
openstackLaunchpad bug 1503396 in OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon) "glance wizard form var passing broken" [Undecided,New]16:48
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docaedokfox1111: hi, yes, in and out for a bit but around generally - should be able to take a look at that bug today too17:59
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kfox1111cool. thanks.18:59
docaedono prob - I just added a note to the bug with my local.conf, not sure if there's anything else I can do to help with it?19:09
docaedo(and I did verify it works with devstack as-is)19:09
docaedoI suspect he had a working app-catalog-ui but was looking for the murano part19:10
docaedoOf course right after I unstack the environment I look at the bug again and see "Could someone who can reproduce this problem please take a screenshot of the Javascript console with the error that's causing the problem?"19:40
docaedoso re-stacking, and will try to trigger that error19:40
docaedoPretty sure this is the error - at least it's the only one I see popping up when trying to populate the glance import:
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kfox1111not enough info. can you please switch DEBUG=true and try again?20:34
kfox1111I'm kind of surprised devstack isn't defaulting to that.20:35
docaedokfox1111: DEBUG=true where?20:35
kfox1111horizon config.20:35
docaedo'k, will find the horizon screen and config, and try that :)20:36
kfox1111k. thx.20:37
docaedonp, perfect timing, should only take me a minute20:37
docaedoso changed DEBUG to true in /opt/stack/horizon/openstack_dashboard/ and bounced apache .. lots of DEBUG lines on devstack console now, but nothing that looks like it would help here20:44
docaedoerrors we need to see would be on javascript console right?20:44
kfox1111it should change the javascript code to not be something like: /static/dashboard/js/6e84d1677058.js20:45
kfox1111but instead a bunch of little js files with better names.20:45
kfox1111oh.... unless there is an explicit COMPRESS_ENABLED=true somewhere...20:45
kfox1111or whatever the exact setting is.20:45
docaedoah yeah I wonder/suspect ..20:49
docaedoprobably need to do more than just bounce apache20:50
docaedoCOMPRESS_ENABLED = True in settings.py20:50
kfox1111ah. there it is.20:50
kfox1111try disabling it.20:51
docaedook compress is turned off, debug is on, but not sure what to look for21:06
kfox1111what does the javascript console look like now?21:11
docaedoheh, looks like a big ugly mess!21:19
docaedowill try to pastebin it if I can grab everything21:20
kfox1111k. thanks. :)21:21
docaedoI suspect this will not be easily read -
kfox1111thats pretty odd looking...21:24
kfox1111can you see if you get any errors if the plugin's disabled?21:24
kfox1111seems like there should be more to it then that too...21:25
kfox1111never seen an error in just angular.js before, without some other piece of code being in the stack trace too.21:25
kfox1111should be able to set the plugin to disabled in the enabled directory and restarting the horizon service.21:26
docaedook that error comes up when rendering the catalog page - no errors come up after that when clicking on a glance image and then clicking import21:28
kfox1111k. I'm not expecting any errors from that activity. I never saw errors in the past from horizon when data failed to pass to the modals.21:29
kfox1111in the past, they were just passed via the links and the ajax-modal class on the link.21:30
kfox1111horzion on the other side would grab the data and then fill in the field in the modal.21:30
kfox1111but for some reason, it failed to work after they patched horizon. I think I referenced the patch.21:31
kfox1111So, they either need to revert that patch, or figure out why the patch had the effect. :/21:31
kfox1111also sounds like that js error message is unrelated.21:32
docaedoyeah I think the JS error doesn't have anything to do with it (but was the only error I was seeing)21:32
docaedomaybe Richard will be able to get the plugin running in his devstack now though and be able to make sense of it? I looked at the patch you referenced and didn't see any obvious reason why this broke (BUT I don't grok the horizon bits well enough for that opinion to be worth anything)21:34
kfox1111I suspect it is because they reordered when event's were happening in angular land.21:37
kfox1111the events fire off too early now I think and the code to copy in the field values happen before they are initally populated.21:38
kfox1111but I've not tested that theory at all.21:38
kfox1111can you specify a commit to use for horizon for devstack?21:41
docaedoum, yes, in theory. I've had mixed luck getting that right TBH but I can try21:44
kfox1111if it would work, it might be a quick way to show commit X works, commit X+1 fails...21:45
kfox1111rather then try and prove it plus all of the changes horizon has kept making since.21:45
docaedosure .. lemme see if I can just manually grab that without redoing the whole stack/unstack thing21:48
docaedooh wait, duh, I don't want to check out the one the broke it :)21:50
kfox1111it would be interesting from the standpoint of knowing for sure if it spits out that javascript error. (I don't remember it doing that)21:51
kfox1111but yeah, the one right before too. :)21:51
docaedoI'm missing something obvious (poor sleep, not enough caffeine?) if the parent was a merge, how do I find/specify that?21:58
kfox1111git log to show the history, then get the change id from the previous one?21:58
docaedoah, my confusion was that I was looking for a specific patch/review, but several previews commits are from jenkins22:05
docaedowell all I have confirmed so far is that checking out previous commits just breaks the catalog (catalog pane is empty), then checkout master and restart apache, all is well22:13

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