Saturday, 2015-12-05

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docaedoHas anyone else here played with yet?  It's nice :)  Really neat approach to free/open apps.  Trying to figure out if there's a way to bring that to the app catalog05:31
docaedoin something more complete than just a heat template or something that creates the target VM in your environment, though that might be the most sensible approach05:32
docaedoPretty cool though and worth looking at - they're doing things (IMO) very much the right way.  Strong crypto and guarantees that apps are not molested along the way, and really easy to use interfact05:33
docaedonot an exact analog to the app catalog, more like app catalog plus a PaaS.  But seems way superior to other PaaS marketplaces I've seen for those focusing on end users deploying an app05:34
docaedoUnrelated to that, I'm going to start working on the "stale link" checker, and in conversation with coworkers realized that effort is also a perfect place to implement auto-updating asset records05:35
docaedoBasic idea I have here would be for an asset to include two attributes - one that says "auto-update-me", and another that says "check here for hash"05:36
docaedoThen a script can compare the hash received from "check here" to the hash noted in the entry - and if it's different, submit a gerrit change for review that includes the new hash (and potentially a new DL URL)05:37
docaedothe use case would be nightly/weekly builds, and potentially any asset that might be updated with any regularity05:38
docaedoThis gets us a more dynamic catalog (and makes it totally feasible to start including glance images that update often like debian, coreos, fedora, etc)05:38
docaedoWHILE work proceeds on api v2, at which point the update script would probably be a good bit simpler05:39
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