Monday, 2016-01-11

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ddovbiidocaedo, Hi!15:11
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docaedoddovbii: hello16:15
ddovbiidocaedo, I'm from murano team. May I ask you to update two packages and one image in app catalog?16:18
docaedoddovbii: sure I can do that today - are there any associated changes for assets.yaml or is this just the binary stuff in storage.apps.o.o ?16:20
docaedooh for the image, that should be a new PR, include where to fetch it from in the commit message, and the update should include the new hash of the image16:22
docaedobut for the two packages, if it's just replacing what's on storage.apps.o.o you can put the new packages in a .tgz and put the URL up here16:23
ddovbiiI can provide two links to zipped packages. Is it ok?16:24
kzaitsev_mbhm. maybe we should include hashes for murano packages as well?16:24
docaedoddovbii: that's OK16:24
docaedokzaitsev_mb: I would agree with that, hashes would be good16:25
docaedoand if so, that would just need a new PR16:25
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openstackgerritChristopher Aedo proposed openstack/app-catalog: Add hash for two Murano packages
docaedoddovbii and kzaitsev_mb ^^ I updated the two packages in storage.apps.o.o and added entries for their hashes as well. Please review.19:54
docaedoMaybe I will work on adding an md5sums file to the storage location, then we can add a hash_url entry which will keep the hashes updates in assets.yaml as long as the md5sums file is up to date19:56
kzaitsev_mbthanks, files & hashes look correct. =)19:57
kzaitsev_mbyou mean a separate file, that'd contain md5sums for all the stored assets?19:58
docaedoyes, the latest version of the "dead link check" script will fetch an md5sums file and compare/update entries in assets.yaml as appropriate19:59
docaedoThe script that does this is here:
docaedofor any asset that has "hash_url: <url>", it will compare. The test cases for this were debian and centos20:00
docaedobut works for anything20:00
docaedoand will result in a gerrit review being submitted by proposal-bot with any changes. It *should* run once within the next 24hrs, so we'll see the first one soon20:01
kfox1111docaedo: want me to workflow the md5 patch too?20:01
docaedokfox1111: sure thanks20:02
openstackgerritMerged openstack/app-catalog: Add hash for two Murano packages
kzaitsev_mbdocaedo: btw have you flushed the cache? I remember that last time we had to do it for changes to come in effect. If not — may I ask you to wait for untill ddovbii updates the image (or says, that it's safe to do so)20:08
docaedoah sorry kzaitsev_mb I did flush the cash this time, but I have backup copies of the original which I can put back if necessary20:11
kzaitsev_mbI might be actually worriing out of nothing here =)20:12
docaedoyeah I am not sure there are hundreds (or dozens :) ) of people downloading at the moment so probably safe to sort this out within the next day20:13
kzaitsev_mbit's just that k8s app is one complicated piece of software %)20:14
kzaitsev_mbtrue, should be safe to do it tomorrow )20:14
docaedoyea - well I'm happy to make whatever changes are needed, just let me know20:17
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openstackgerritDmytro Dovbii proposed openstack/app-catalog: Update ubuntu image with pre-installed K8s
kzaitsev_mbdocaedo: as soon as you have time — could you also please update the image ^^ =)21:32
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ddovbii_homefolks, please review
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docaedoddovbii_home kzaitsev_ws - I'll get the image and take a look at the pr21:58
ddovbii_homedocaedo, Thanks!21:58
docaedoddovbii_home: no problem at all :)22:05
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/app-catalog: Update ubuntu image with pre-installed K8s
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