Wednesday, 2016-01-13

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kfox1111its too big to review.00:33
docaedobasically since it's a full reformat of assets.yaml (though all the same assets, same data, same order, just indented two fewer lines), not sure how else to do it.00:34
kfox1111its also munging some of the formatting in an ugly way....00:34
kfox1111> to " with \ line wrapping. :/00:35
docaedoyeah I saw that for a few of them though not all - it did that if description contained a single-quote00:36
kfox1111can you put the extra formatting back in? add a --- and indent it two more?00:36
docaedopossibly, but leaving --- out is syntactically correct (arguably) since we only have "assets" now. That additional indentation was needed from before we combined into a single asset type. Should have probably dropped it at that point.00:37
kfox1111yeah. its not a syntactically correctness issue. its an issue of changing every line in the file. :/00:38
kfox1111and not having an easy way to verify it didn't munge something in the conversion. :/00:39
docaedoyeah it's more than just that though, like instead of00:41
docaedo  -00:41
docaedo    name: Debian00:41
docaedo  - name: Debian00:42
docaedowhat I did to feel better about it was grepping for things (like - name:/    name:) and diffing the output to make sure the values match00:43
kfox1111in theory I think git is more tolerent of pure white space changes like that. its more the changing the quoting, line lengths, etc that is tripping it up.00:43
docaedobut I can appreciate the concern here, this is not an easy one since we're going from a human-formatted one with inconsistent line lengths and stuff, to something formatted by a machine00:43
kfox1111most of it I can live with. I really dislike the string formatting. :/00:44
kfox1111so... what about this...00:45
kfox1111we have two files, the human writable, the machine writable both in git. the machine one just has resource: with hash and active. we always sort that and merge it in tools/yaml2json.py00:46
kfox1111its still in git, so it works the way you would like with reviews.00:46
kfox1111for people that don't want to have to care, they just edit assets.yaml as normal, and it doesn't change at all.00:46
docaedoI still don't like having two that get magically merged - much of openstack has combined machine-edited and human edited yamls, and it works nicely. We just have get past this one point where we have the sloppy human-version then it'll be clean from there on out00:54
docaedoI have to take off, we can debate some more tomorrow :)00:54
kfox1111like where?00:54
kfox1111the machine version is much sloppier in some ways though. :/00:55
docaedoproject-normalizer for one, I'll find some links tomorrow00:55
kfox1111with forcing the machine formatting through, anyone that submits a new resource that doesn't has the same formatting, will get it aproved, and then it will have to update it all over again. this is an ongoing maintenence thing I really don't like.00:57
kfox1111either our schema formatter should validate the identical formatting going through, or we shouldn't do this.00:58
kfox1111my objection is, to do it this way,  is we have to add an aweful lot of code to make it work nicely, and its hard to get right. really, this is a short term thing to get us to v2 in a few months. so the two file solution isn't terrible, and its like 10 lines of code, instead of over a hundred and an unreviewable patch. :/00:59
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openstackgerritKevin Fox proposed openstack/app-catalog: WIP - Derive asset last modified date/time from git logs
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