Wednesday, 2016-01-27

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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/app-catalog: Detect dead links
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docaedokfox1111 (and anyone else interested), app catalog is on the OpenStack Ops meeting today, to rekindle the topic of fitting "operator bits" in the catalog (
docaedo1900UTC, #openstack-meeting-418:05
spzaladocaedo: Hi, wanted to ask some questions and share some content so sent you an email, please take a look when you get chance.18:16
docaedospzala: sure, will take a look shortly, thanks!18:26
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spzaladocaedo: sounds great, thank you too!18:41
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kfox1111darn. whish I could have made it. :/20:42
openstackgerritMatt Pillar proposed openstack/app-catalog: Update link to AeroFS image.
docaedokfox1111: you didn't miss much. consensus was "Ops group needs to continue working to build their community more, populate their tools repo, and THEN work with App Catalog folks to see about an operators section"21:44
docaedosounds like there wouldn't be a whole lot to share at this point, so more interested in building up that set of things to share first (which makes sense to me)21:45
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kfox1111k. sounds like a plan22:19
docaedoThere's a slight chance I won't be available for most of the app catalog meeting tomorrow (only the first 15 minutes).22:29
docaedoNothing other than updates and open discussion on the agenda right now, and not expecting anything big to come up?22:29
kfox1111k. nothing on my end. just trying to get this production cluster done so I can get back to working on other things again. :/22:30
docaedoI'd like to talk about glare again, the timeline for implementation etc but I figure that should be proposed in advance in case that conversation is of interest to anyone22:30
kfox1111yeah. a glare discussion would be good.22:31
docaedoah the joys of an OpenStack sysadmin!22:31
kfox1111we need someone else on the glare team to interface with us now that alex has moved on.22:31
docaedoyeah .. the glare thing :) I have some feelings on that. In theory kzaitsev_ws is our champion there but would be good to see if he's still going to be working on it22:32
docaedothere's a possibility priorities are shifting at their mutual employer, maybe $MANAGER has other priorities22:32
docaedoso .. would be great to know, and will certainly inform what we should be thinking about for the next few months22:32
kfox1111I'd bet likely.22:32
kfox1111the good news is I've gotten neutron+dvr working. :)22:34
kfox1111thats probably the hardest part of the whole thing. :)22:34
kfox1111I'm very disapointed l3ha+dvr patch STILL isn't in.22:34
docaedo$VENDOR would rather you pay for that of course ;)22:34
kfox1111I'm a bit worried at this point it will be N before we see it.22:34
kfox1111I'm sure they would. :)22:35
kfox1111not gona happen though. ;)22:35
kfox1111mostly because $VENDOR doesn't support all the other neutron stuff we use in addtion to that one feature.22:35
docaedono doubt - but that's probably the biggest challenge of all neutron stuff, the network folks don't have so much incentive to make a solid free great scalable SDN22:36
kfox1111I've been trying to stick to the neutron provided reference implementation. same with ceph. a fully, open sourced solution.22:37
kfox1111eventually, if enough folks do that, the software should gain features/traction to out pace any one vendor.22:37
docaedoexcellent and exactly what I'd be doing in your place22:37
kfox1111advanced services that are propriatary should be able to plugin nicely to that.22:37
kfox1111like lb's.22:38
kfox1111but the core needs to be open and play nicely with multiple vendors.22:38
kfox1111cinder's done a good job of that too.22:38
docaedothat's true22:38
kfox1111we've used ceph for the bulk storage, but have done things like isilon flavors for those that want it.22:38
docaedojohn and thingee during their tenure did awesome jobs of that (while being employed by two vendors who want you to buy their stuff no less)22:39
docaedo(cinder PTLs I mean, and "that" being drive cinder to be really open)22:39
kfox1111There's definitely a time and a place for propriatary storage.22:39
kfox1111vendors try hard and make it difficult to jump from one to another,22:40
kfox1111but then they hurt themselves at the same time. they make it hard to jump to their stuff at the same time.22:40
kfox1111I'm glad to see them not take that route with cinder.22:40
kfox1111I'm also glad to see open source storage (like ceph) start to become a thing that is featureful enough to start competing with some propriatary storage.22:41
kfox1111that software's been locked up in propriatary land for a long time and it could be even so much better if the vendors cooperated on it rather then competed.22:42
docaedoyeah I think part of that cinder being open was because the ref implementation was LVM AFAIK so from the beginning it was based on open software. Not so with the first iteration of neutron (er .. quantum was it originally called? Forgetting now)22:43
docaedototally agree on ceph having great potential though22:43
kfox1111yeah, I wish the ref implementation was ceph. lvm's really really not for anything but toy systems.22:43
docaedobut ceph was really really not ready for anything two years ago either, so that would have killed cinder22:44
kfox1111sure. but thats then. this is now. :)22:44
kfox1111its time for a change. :)22:44
docaedofair 'nuf :)22:44
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docaedoyou sure about that aerofs image? I just wget'd it to check the hash and it did not seem to redirect me or anything23:30
docaedowell, it's not a zip that I got anyway, was a qcow223:32
kfox1111wget by default will follow redirects. curl won't. try curling it.23:36
kfox1111its redirecting to qcow2.gz23:37
docaedoah nice, good catch23:37
kfox1111I noticed when trying to follow the link origionally in firefox and it poped up file-roller.23:37
kfox1111I asked the glance folks a while ago to suport gz and they -1'ed it, saying just to used compressed qcow's.23:38
kfox1111not quite as good in my opinion, but does work pretty well.23:38
docaedoyeah I still think it'd be nice to natively support that, but would not be a battle worth fighting (kinda like the tar one that's happening now I think? or was that for ironic...)23:40
kfox1111yeah. ironic asked for it in glance.23:41
kfox1111been following that too. :)23:41

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