Friday, 2016-02-05

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realitixHello kzaitsev_mb kzaitsev_ws14:30
realitixHere the stacktrace on a clean install withou auth permission :
kzaitsev_mbrealitix: will respond in 5-10 mins, sorry on a meeting14:35
kzaitsev_mbrealitix: this doesn't happen on my setup. which version of django do you use?14:46
openstackgerritJean-Sebastien Bevilacqua proposed openstack/app-catalog: Fix django warning
kzaitsev_mbalso this doesn't happen on a.o.o14:46
realitixkzaitsev_mb : Django 1.914:47
kzaitsev_mbnow, that's the reason. you probably shouldn't =) and
realitixkzaitsev_mb : I'm in a virtualenv and i did pip install -r requirements14:50
realitixI will downgrade my django to see14:50
kzaitsev_mbwell, then probably something went wrong along the way. I think some requirement might have an uncapped django prerequisite14:51
kzaitsev_mbapp catalog might not be required to follow strict openstack requirement guidelines )14:51
kzaitsev_mblet's ping docaedo on the version of django we wish to use =)14:52
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realitixkzaitsev_mb : It works with version 1.8.9 but I got a warning :
realitixSo this commit fix the warning with lower version of django14:54
kzaitsev_mbwierd, I do not get any warnings. let me try and upgrade to dj1.9 and check14:55
realitixbtw, I sent a second patch to fix another warning14:56
realitixI didn't create a bug report for the warning, I wasn't sure if it needed just for a warning14:57
kzaitsev_mbthe 2d warning — does occur on django 1.9, for me15:00
realitixand the auth permission ?15:01
kzaitsev_mbok, yeah the error happens on django 1.9 for me too15:01
kzaitsev_mbI think it would be good to be forward compatible with 1.9, could you maybe update the commit message then, to reflect, that this change introduces dj1.9 compatibility? =)15:04
realitixYes sure right now15:04
openstackgerritJean-Sebastien Bevilacqua proposed openstack/app-catalog: Fix django INSTALLED_APPS configuration
kzaitsev_mbgerrit behaves really bad today =/15:13
openstackgerritMark Vanderwiel proposed openstack/app-catalog-ui: Adding integration test support
docaedoThe app catalog website will not adhere to global requirements, because it's not expected to be installed with every OpenStack environment :)15:59
docaedoThink about it more like ask.o.o or one of the other sites the foundation or infra maintains15:59
realitixdocaedo : Do you speak about my patch ?16:01
docaedorealitix: I haven't had a chance to look, just saying this will not be following all the global project requirements stuff16:02
realitixYes ok, we had a discussion wikzaitsev_mb, and we think it could be good to be forward compatible with django 1.9 if one day we upgrade app-catalog16:04
realitixwith kzaitsev_mb*16:04
docaedoI understandable - it does start to get complicated, kfox1111 had planned to work on sharing code between the website and the app-catalog-ui horizon plugin16:05
docaedoand that horizon plugin obviously will be tied to global requirements and so on16:06
docaedoI find myself eager to keep the site disconnected from all the project requirements though for the sake of being able to move faster, and make decisions that might go against the grain of the rest of the projects16:06
docaedosince is just a web site, not an openstack service :)16:07
realitixI agree with you16:07
kzaitsev_mbdocaedo: makes perfect sense (=16:07
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realitixbut removing warning is always good too ;-)16:07
docaedoSure, I think it's good ( :)16:13
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/app-catalog: Include assets_dead.yaml in asset merge
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/app-catalog: Fix django warning
openstackgerritKevin Fox proposed openstack/app-catalog: Fix standalone server
kfox1111docaedo: can you please review that last one?17:22
docaedokfox1111: yep, looks good, will validate locally - did an empty assets_dead.yaml cause issues?17:24
kfox1111yeah. I think the python code is expecting at least an 'assets:' in it.17:25
kfox1111I just made it an 'assets: {}' to be sure.17:25
kfox1111I filed a blueprint too:
kfox1111our hashes are all over the place.17:26
openstackgerritMerged openstack/app-catalog: Update ManageIQ release to Capablanca
openstackgerritKirill Zaitsev proposed openstack/app-catalog: [WIP] glare artifacts plugin for app-catalog asset types
kzaitsev_mbthat's the first step of glare plugin. Haven't played with it much yet, but it imports fine into glare and seem to reflect what we currently have in assets.18:05
docaedokzaitsev_mb: thanks!18:08
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kzaitsev_mbgoing to take a fresh look at it on monday and see if I missed anything. Then would probably move on to setting up glare service on a.o.o18:12
docaedokzaitsev_mb: sounds great - you should probably stop computering now since it's late on a Friday :)18:12
docaedoI'm up for helping test that stuff with you however I can next week, really looking forward to it18:13
kzaitsev_mbyep =) that was the plan =)18:13
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/app-catalog: App Pivotal Ops Manager to app-catalog
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docaedokfox1111: "I think there are a few things missing still, like the ever stuff." .. what *is* the ever stuff in the schema?18:57
kfox1111its a way you can specify which engines your resource supports.18:59
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kfox1111that way, if, for example, a particular heat engine doesn't support your template.... not that that ever happens, or that I'm bitter about that.... you can blacklist versions.19:00
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kfox1111(I have some template sets that don't work on kilo versions 2015.1.0 and 2015.1.1 but do work on 2015.1.2+. :/ they also work before kilo, and liberty+)19:01
docaedook, there's just no use in assets.yaml right now - I suspected it was *something* like that, but wasn't sure19:03
kfox1111yeah. its only shown in the schema and the horizon plugin honors it.19:04
kfox1111everything in the schema should be representable in the glare api.19:04
docaedowould you mind (in your copious spare time) adding something to the wiki docs about that?19:04
docaedoI do agree completely that the schema needs to be represented in glare api19:04
kfox1111Yeah, been meaning to do that for a while. :/19:05
docaedoyou have a whole lot of stuff going on so obviously don't sweat it19:05
docaedohow's your cloud doing?19:05
kfox1111base functionality is now mostly in place. cinder,glance,nova,neutron,keystone. starting to go up the stack now. radosgw,heat,sahara,ceilometer are next. once I have those, and we can get all these nics replaced, we should be in good shape.19:06
kfox1111At this rate, I'm hoping in about another month time should start freeing up.19:06
kfox1111then I can maybe start working on finishing up the horizon app catalog site stuff.19:07
docaedothen a month after that, the summit, and a new openstack release for you to upgrade to!19:07
kfox1111stop. your going to make me cry. :)19:08
kfox1111I'm really disapointed nothing has come from the instance users thing.19:08
kfox1111a whole 6 months of no one caring. :/19:08
kfox1111this is how amazon continues to entrench itself. :/19:09
openstackgerritMerged openstack/app-catalog: Fix standalone server
docaedowell my take on it is not so much that nobody cares about the instance users thing, as we have bigger issues19:10
kfox1111possible. I haven't heard of anyone speaking of bigger issues though. :/19:10
docaedoI am thinking a lot more about the whole model of completely distributed/disconnected efforts, and hoping we are heading in the right direction with things like oslo (where we can start forcing a more unified approach across all the projects)19:11
kfox1111oslo is a step in the right direction, but it doesn't address the real problem.19:11
kfox1111oslo helps share things between projects who realize they need to share.19:11
docaedosure, it's not the total solution, but it's the first thing we've had that moves in the right direction19:12
kfox1111the root of openstack's biggest problem is trying to get projects to suck it up when there is a feature that neeeds multiple projects involvement, and while you can push it off to project A, parts really belong in project B and B doesn't want to deal with it.19:12
docaedoso finding that balance where project teams can do what they want so some extent, but still can be held accountable to interoperability ..19:12
kfox1111B needs to suck it up and deal with it for the betterment of all.19:12
kfox1111yeah. interoperabiltiy's another big issue too. :/19:13
docaedoyeah but the problem is that all the projects get to do what they want, so then you end up with the only solution being a new project C that solves the thing A and B need19:13
docaedo(but that A and B don't want to implement)19:13
docaedowhich is maybe the worst possible thing19:14
docaedobut that's what's continuing to happen19:14
kfox1111yeah, in this case, that is.19:14
kfox1111thats what us ops are bitching about loudest.19:14
kfox1111we need to deploy a bazillion things, when only 10 or 12 are needed for scaling.19:14
kfox1111the silo's are pushing the problem off to the ops.19:14
docaedoTBH I am liking more and more what I have seen people talking about w/r/t using Mistral to solve some things. Won't/doesn't solve EVERYTHING but at least can fix some of these cross-service problems19:15
kfox1111ops push back and deploy only the bare minimum.19:15
kfox1111then the cloud dev's cant rely on any advanced features being there. :/19:15
kfox1111which hurts the app catalog. :/19:15
kfox1111I like the idea in theory. I'm a little worried about how practical it will end up being.19:16
kfox1111if authentication will end up being an issue.19:16
kfox1111but I do like the idea. I'm in favor of tripleo giving it a shot.19:16
docaedothough I am starting to hope too that the app catalog can start to expand, and become potentially a home for app development resources (not just an index of things you can deploy on a running openstack cloud)19:16
kfox1111they did a good job breaking heat in a way a cloud dev would, to show heat what they were missing.19:17
docaedoand then it also starts to make sense eventually for operator tools, who knows what else19:17
kfox1111on the other hand, heat's still doesn't have conditionals implemented, even years later. :/19:17
kfox1111though they finally are working on it I think.19:17
docaedoyep, OOO-mistral conversation is interesting direction19:17
docaedosome folks are also working on a mistral flow that can clean up everything related to a tenant (which is another cross-project "well we are not responsible for THAT, let someone else deal with it" thing)19:18
kfox1111that would be very nice. :)19:18
kfox1111thats another cross project thing that has been completely ignored.19:19
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docaedoyep, I srsly remember conversations (arguments?) at the folsom summit I think, nobody wanted to own it19:21
docaedough :)19:21
docaedook stepping away now, will stop grousing and let you get back to building clouds19:21
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