Monday, 2016-08-22

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nexusguy59Good evening folks00:07
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nexusguy59Good morning everyone12:02
nexusguy59So I gave a shot at installing the app catalog and failed miserably12:03
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zynzeldocaedo: can you please check priv message when online?13:32
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openstackgerritSergey Skripnick proposed openstack/app-catalog: [wip] Glare v1.0 API
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nexusguy59Hey guys, I am very new to OpenStack can someone point me to a good step by step to enable the community app catalog14:41
sskripnicknexusguy59: hi14:53
sskripnicknexusguy59: what do you mean "enable"? are you trying to install app-catalog from master branch?14:53
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docaedonexusguy59: if you're talking about the app-catalog-ui piece (the horizon panel), the readme should have what you need (
olaphall hail fearless leader!15:11
nexusguy59sskripnick, Thanks but yeah I am wanting to add the APP Catalog to my install its not there now.15:40
nexusguy59docaedo: Yes that's what I am talking about and I did read the readme and I am not sure how to actually install/enable it for my horizon install15:41
sskripnicknexusguy59: are you using devstack?15:45
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nexusguy59sskripnick, No sir/ma'am I am using mitaka via this script ->
nexusguy59and then this to add compute nodes to it ->
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sskripnicknexusguy59: so you need lines 36-44
sskripnicknexusguy59: but be careful with line 4016:22
nexusguy59sskripnick, Thanks I was there but i missed that, I tried that the way it is in there but it wasn't successful I will do it again maybe I missed something16:27
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nexusguy59Giving a run now16:33
nexusguy59sskripnick, This is what it looks like under Project->Compute ( This was the base install16:37
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nexusguy59I would imagine I have to do that in my openstack-mitaka directory and not the standard that they have there16:45
nexusguy59All RIght I have to head off to work I will be on later16:51
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nexusguy59Alrighty I am back18:44
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nexusguy59So I have tried twice to install/enable the app catalog and it's failed twice20:13
docaedonexusguy59: looking at the script you're using, it's just doing all the ubuntu openstack packages, and I'm not sure where that stuff gets installed20:37
docaedonexusguy59: the steps from the readme assume you're installing horizon from source (which you're not), but you should be able to prep the stuff in app_catalog/enabled into horizon/openstack_dashboard/enabled20:40
docaedoa good reference to follow along with is the devstack install script (in devstack subdirectory) which covers the steps needed to add app-catlog-ui to devstack's horizon20:41
docaedonexusguy59: guessing from line 52 here ( that you'll want to look in /etc/openstack-dashboard20:51
docaedonexusguy59: once app-catalog is pip installed, and you have stuff in app_catalog/enabled/ and you cpy that to /etc/openstack-dashboard/enabled, and bounce horizon, you *should* be good to go20:53
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nexusguy59Thank you docaedo, I didn't even think to look there, I appreciate it thanks21:03
docaedonexusguy59: no prob, hopefully it helps :)21:05
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nexusguy59IT should that's what was holding me back I believe21:08
nexusguy59I didn't know where my install was21:08
nexusguy59lol after doing that I got an internal 500 error so now i Have to rebuild from scratch21:37
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docaedozynzel: for work on the infra deployment piece, I threw my testing steps together into a pastebin - it's a little ugly but it works :)
docaedozynzel: then you can look at /etc/puppet/modules/apps_site and "git review -d ######" any patches you push up for review23:39

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