Thursday, 2016-08-25

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zynzeldocaedo: all my idea, will bring benefits also to infra-team, about packages it is obvious (no matter if we choose pip or deb), i agree that centos is out of scope.07:46
zynzelregarding this cli wrapper, this is needed for automation - if puppet needs to know (somehow), that binary is stored in /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/openstack_catalog/, this is bad :)07:46
zynzelif we need to execute any additional commands to deploy app-catalog, it should be stored in $PATH07:47
zynzelthis way, if you someday upgrade python, and app_catalog will be installed in /usr/local/lib/python.2.8, you need to also need to update puppet part - which is maybe not hard task07:48
zynzelbut you need to remember about that07:48
zynzeland in case you will have appcatalog-manage in /usr/local/bin, it will be there no matter what - 1 possible error/fail less during deployment07:49
zynzelthere is no need to execute anything from /usr/local/lib/python*/dist-packages in any openstack project, everything is handled by *-manage cli tool07:50
zynzelwe should have same thing in app-catalog07:50
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docaedozynzel: it does make sense, and it would make managing this site easier for sure14:11
docaedozynzel: hopefully you will be around in a little less than three hours to join us for the weekly IRC meeting, would be good to have you there14:12
zynzeldocaedo: i can join, meeting is at #openstack-meeting-alt? 7 PM CEST/10 AM PDT?14:19
docaedozynzel: that's the right time, channel is #openstack-meeting-314:20
zynzeldocaedo: ok, i will be there :)14:20
docaedozynzel: awesome thanks!14:20
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docaedoI forgot to mention during the meeting - I will be traveling next week and will not be able to make the meeting (will happen at 1am where I will be)18:01
docaedokzaitsev_mb: if you can chair that meeting it would be great, let me know - otherwise we can skip and catch up the following week18:02
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docaedozynzel: regarding testing the puppet stuff, the infra guide got better since I last looked for this information (or maybe I never found it the first time?)
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