Wednesday, 2016-10-19

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docaedoboo :( even running app-catalog-ui from before any of the murano panel changes, I reliably get "There was an error while retrieving entries from the Application Catalog."11:27
docaedoalso I'm not seeing the heat error or anything (but this is in devstack with heat from master), just blank page and that error in horizon - no errors popping up in js I think, and the node can definitely retrieve the assets file via curl11:43
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kzaitsev_wsdocaedo: are you using a fresh install?12:38
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kzaitsev_wsdocaedo: maybe you have APP_CATALOG_URL overriden?12:45
kzaitsev_wsalso — since the error is in javascript code — you can check the error console.12:47
kzaitsev_wsdocaedo: pls ping me — let's fix your issue ;)12:50
docaedototally fresh install - two successive devstack runs13:11
docaedoI'll kick off another run so I can poke at it some more13:12
kzaitsev_wsdocaedo: you should check the browser's error console — it all the javascript errors should be there13:14
kzaitsev_wsthen you should check if you can open the same url in you browser (after all it's just a json request)13:14
docaedokzaitsev_ws: yeah when I was playing with it I did get an error and started to run it down, but then got pulled away on something else (and promptly forgot where I left it!)13:17
kzaitsev_wsdocaedo: folks are also pinging me about the feature branch of the glare code13:20
kzaitsev_wsgotta go and actually review the thing ...13:21
kzaitsev_wsor rather I should've done the long ago13:21
kzaitsev_wsyesterday, amid all the things we had at least 3 gates break at once for unconnected reasons!13:22
kzaitsev_ws(is unconnected even a word? =))13:23
docaedounconnected *is* a word :) and that sucks13:23
kzaitsev_wsor 4 if we count the upstream heat tempest failure %)))13:24
docaedoit wouldn't be the week before summit without breakage!13:25
kzaitsev_wshorizon made their selenium tests non-voting, so now nobody knows that selenium 3.0.1 is out and breaks everything ))13:25
kzaitsev_wstrue =))13:26
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docaedokzaitsev_ws: no console error gets thrown, only horizon reporting it couldn't load the contents13:48
kzaitsev_wsdocaedo: I mean developer console in your browser13:49
kzaitsev_wsthe one you get with 'inspect element -> console' or similar, depends on browser13:49
docaedoyeah developer console13:50
docaedobut turns out I had an entry in /etc/hosts for from when I was testing glare stuff!13:50
docaedoremoved it, now it loads everything as expected13:51
docaedowhich makes me wonder what issues hogepodge was hitting? though I am certain it will still time out when I try to import something13:52
kzaitsev_wsit was smth with heat and maybe a too new or too old horizon?13:52
docaedodunno - but catalog looks/works fine (devstack from master as of 40 minutes ago), except trying to import, it's going to die at "TypeError: horizon.utils is undefined"13:55
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docaedoTypeError: horizon.utils is undefined13:57
docaedohttp://localhost:8000/dashboard/static/dashboard/js/c2f138901968.js line 48 > eval13:57
docaedoLine 9313:57
docaedoerror just before that:14:03
docaedoTypeError: horizon.modals.spinner is null14:03
docaedoLine 9414:03
docaedoangular.module('').run(['$templateCache',function($templateCache){$templateCache.put("/dashboard/static/app/core/flavors/panel.html","<hz-resource-panel resource-type-name=\"OS::Nova::Flavor\">14:13
docaedolikely horizon nova panel changed, need to sort out where/how that gets called14:14
docaedooh wow yeah the image import flow is completely different, no wonder this broke :(14:16
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mfedosindocaedo: hi!16:13
docaedomfedosin: howdy16:14
mfedosinwe discussed the situation with glare and app-catalog today16:15
mfedosinwith kairat and sskripnick16:15
mfedosinand decided to finish the work before the summit16:15
docaedoexcellent, but thats .. just a few days :D16:15
mfedosinso that we can show the result16:16
mfedosinI know, but all code is on review16:16
mfedosinif sskripnick is able to take this on we can finish by tomorrow16:17
mfedosinigormarnat_: kairat|3 what do you think about it?16:17
kairat|3I can help with support16:19
mfedosinhow I understands from today's meetings - Mirantis will support these projects till the end of October, so we have some time to finish16:19
mfedosinand then time will show what to do next16:20
mfedosinkairat|3: thanks kairat16:20
docaedoIf we can get the beta site working great and have deployment bits infra can use, that will give us a good foundation going forward16:21
mfedosindocaedo: agree16:22
docaedothere's no chance infra will be able to deploy this stuff at this point as far as I can tell (likely way too close to summit for this to get any attention), but after the summit we'll see what happens :)16:22
docaedothanks guys for pushing to finish this work too, really appreciate it!16:22
mfedosinI'll try to do everything from my side to make it happened16:23
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docaedothanks, same here though I'm basically gone from tomorrow afternoon until the summit - will check email and IRC now and then though, and will try to support you guys however I can16:26
kairat|3one question16:28
kairat|3Do we have app catalog meeting tomorrow then16:28
kairat|3docaedo mfedosin16:28
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docaedokairat|3: I will not be able to attend, but if kzaitsev_ws wants to chair we can16:30
mfedosinI'm not sure if he could16:34
docaedoyeah probably no meeting tomorrow, but if anyone wants to discuss things relating to this work, just talk about it here when it's convenient16:35
mfedosinI think there is one main question: can we merge sskripnick's code in feature branch of app-catalog or not16:37
mfedosinI can review and trace that the code is in a satisfactory condition.16:38
docaedoOK I don't have any objections to merging that code into a feature branch, but I will admit I do not know how to do that the right way - anyone know how to do it and want to point me in the right direction?16:44
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* docaedo starts reading
mfedosinis it not the same as merging code in master?16:48
mfedosinmaybe we need a special permission in project-config16:49
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docaedoIf I just workflow it, AFAIK it will be merged into master16:51
docaedobut I will figure it out tonight/tomorrow16:51
docaedoin the mean time, three of these are not passing CI anyway so think they need to be sorted
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mfedosinthis should help
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mfedosinagree, we have to deal with ci conflicts17:03
igormarnat_Well, I can only confirm we'll do our best, I think it's possible. Not necessarily by the very start of the summit, may be by the mid next week ...17:03
igormarnat_We'll push17:03
docaedomfedosin: thanks17:03
docaedoigormarnat_: thank you - hopefully you'll be able to stay involved with the ci/cd stuff for app development, I am working on some stuff closely related to that over the next few months17:04
igormarnat_docaedo: We'll see, let us discuss at the summit. I also hope17:05
docaedoigormarnat_: definitely17:05
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docaedomfedosin: your patch might not actually be necessary - sounds like I can safely merge that stuff since it's in a feature branch and I have the +workflow in review17:49
mfedosinokay then17:51
mfedosinthat's great, so I'm abandoning it17:52
docaedo well hold on :)  let's wait 'till I get some stuff merged in that branch17:53
docaedomfedosin: could you review ?  I'll start there since it's the oldest that passed CI17:54
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openstackgerritYih Leong Sun proposed openstack/app-catalog: modified Web Application description and url as per Enterprise WG request
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openstackgerritYih Leong Sun proposed openstack/app-catalog: modified Web Application description and url as per Enterprise WG request
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openstackgerritYih Leong Sun proposed openstack/app-catalog: modified Big Data Application description and url as per Enterprise WG request
openstackgerritYih Leong Sun proposed openstack/app-catalog: modified ecommerce Application description and url as per Enterprise WG request
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