Thursday, 2016-11-03

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kairatdocaedo, do you have some person in infra you are familiar with?10:03
kairatIf yes is it possible ask this person to review our patch
kairatI know that infra-team is busy so they can consider my review requests as non-priority10:04
kairatand agree with this but it seems that this patch is not complex10:05
docaedokairat: I don't have any special connections :)  But I'll ping people on infra channel when more of them come online10:14
kairatdocaedo, Ok, we have got second +2 from infra10:15
docaedoyep - I think the hold up is that an infra root needs to get the new VM ready to make use of this, maybe they are just waiting until someone has time to focus on it10:15
kairatthe guy who reviewed it said that he will try to ask fungi and clarb about it10:16
docaedoI see that :)  think we are good10:18
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docaedokairat (and anyone else) as you probably saw on infra channel, fungi launched the dev server (382971), so time to kick the tires18:08
docaedoI'll be mostly AFK for about the next 3-4 days tho18:08
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