Friday, 2016-02-26

eloFYI Pani Networks is the sponsor for the Romana Project00:49
eloVersa Networks is another company I just saw that is presenting with Pani Networks at the Bay Area Network Virtualization meetup in a few weeks00:50
eloone of the founders of Pani Networks is from the Cisco acquisition of vCinder00:54
openstackgerritMerged openstack/astara-appliance: Updated from global requirements
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/astara: Updated from global requirements
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drwahlyo, akanda: iirc, there was talk about support multiple flavors for routers17:33
drwahlwhere is that work at?17:33
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adam_gdrwahl, hasn't been started
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openstackgerritAdam Gandelman proposed openstack/astara-appliance: Adds keepalived based VRRPIPManager
openstackgerritAdam Gandelman proposed openstack/astara-appliance: Adds ConntrackdManager
drwahladam_g: anything we can do to make that a little higher priority?18:23
drwahlthat might become a very key component in our setup18:23
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adam_gdrwahl, one these would probably work
* drwahl was expecting a gif of someone giving the middle finger18:32
drwahladam_g: just to be clear, will also provide support for flavors for *routers*, right?18:58
drwahlor is that just for lbaas stuff?18:59
adam_gdrwahl, for any of hte neutron resources. it hasn't really been thorougly explored, something we just brainstormed over for a few mins at the summit IIRC18:59
drwahlon a completely unrelated note: we have a logstash filter that is doing some metrics gathering from the rug log (and sending it to graphite)19:01
drwahlyou guys have any interest in a copy of our logstash filter?19:01
adam_gdrwahl, sure, i could see that living in astara/tools/19:04
openstackgerritDavid Wahlstrom proposed openstack/astara: Add logstash files for log parsing
drwahlwe're still hacking away at the logstash stuff, but ^^ is working in our production deployment19:20
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adam_gmarkmcclain, oh, i should have looked closer at this. turns out xiayu's rootwrap patch adds a gunicorn user + limited sudoers file and runs the API service as it20:25
markmcclainoh cool20:26
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openstackgerritmark mcclain proposed openstack/astara-appliance: remove extra SNAT rule
markmcclainelo, philh: this wil address the wrong source IP problem you were seeing.  I've tested in several real world scenarios to ensure we're getting the results we expect22:09
markmcclainryanpetrello, drwahl, rods: likely this impacts your deployment, but only in the case where the traffic originates from router22:09
* markmcclain heads out for the weekend22:10
adam_ghave a good one22:10
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