Monday, 2016-02-29

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openstackgerritYang Hongyang proposed openstack/astara: Fix comparasion of bytes
openstackgerritYang Hongyang proposed openstack/astara: Use six.moves.urllib.parse instead of urlparse module
yanghyadam_g, ping...16:08
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adam_gyanghy, hi18:25
yanghyhello, adam_g I've proposed a bp astara-python3, my goal is to make astera eventually support python3.4, would be great if you could approve :)18:27
adam_gyanghy, cool i will take a look those today18:28
yanghyadam_g, I found that there's lots of work need to be done to support python318:28
yanghyadam_g, and if you have a minute, would love you have an eyes on and
yanghythey've been there for a long time...18:30
yanghythanks in advance!18:30
adam_gyanghy, cool, yeah, il make a pass thru everything today18:31
yanghyadam_g, cool, thank you very much18:31
adam_gmanager.management_address() doesn't actually work anymore18:31
adam_gso the api dev-server is broken18:31
adam_gyanghy, id prefer we can fix it in someway while we merge that patch?18:32
adam_gmaybe make it so that it binds to all addresses instead of the management address?18:32
yanghyadam_g, sorry I didn't get your point before...18:36
ryanpetrelloactually adam_g18:36
ryanpetrelloupon further testing18:37
ryanpetrellowe think *does* introduce a regression for us18:37
ryanpetrellobah, wrong link18:37
adam_gryanpetrello, shall we pull it from the gate before it merges?18:37
ryanpetrelloalready merged18:37
adam_gdid it?18:37
ryanpetrelloah, nope18:38
ryanpetrelloyep, just -2'd it18:38
ryanpetrellothat enough to stop it?18:38
adam_gshould be18:38
adam_gjust to be safe, ill push a new patchset18:38
ryanpetrelloI mean18:39
ryanpetrelloit's not a huge issue if it changes18:39
ryanpetrellowe're not auto-deploying or anything18:39
openstackgerritAdam Gandelman proposed openstack/astara-appliance: remove extra SNAT rule.
ryanpetrellojust muddies up the git history18:39
ryanpetrellocan you all update with more details on the actual issue w/ an example?18:40
openstackLaunchpad bug 1550541 in Astara "source IP is wrong sometimes" [Medium,In progress] - Assigned to Mark McClain (markmcclain)18:40
ryanpetrelloperhaps we could come up with a change that addresses *both* issues18:40
ryanpetrellowould be nice to have some functional tests to exercise traffic directions for this sort of thing18:42
ryanpetrelloand prove it so that we don't introduce regressions like this18:42
eric_lopezI'll just restored my archived environment were I ran into this issue and revalidate the bug18:45
ryanpetrellobasically it's this:18:45
ryanpetrelloSpin up two VMs, one has a floater18:45
ryanpetrellossh into VM without a floater18:45
ryanpetrellotry to reach TCP service at floater VM's public IP18:45
ryanpetrellodoesn't work with ^ change18:45
eric_lopezquick question the two VM are on the same L2 network segment or different?18:48
drwahlwe rarely do thing son different l2 segments18:49
eric_lopezIf I remember I ran into the issue when I had VMs on different L2 segments - where the response IP was the floating IP18:52
yanghyadam_g, we can find out a way to fix the dev-server thing, but as I don't have much knowledge about the dev-server, it require some time for me to go through the code :)18:52
stupidnicI have an error in my astara logs: I am not sure what that is tellng me. is the 400 error coming from nova? or keystone?19:01
adam_gstupidnic, that looks like a nova issue, id check nova-api log for an error there19:11
eric_lopezI would also check the keystone logs as it looks like it isn't authenticating19:14
stupidnicYeah that's what I am seeing19:15
stupidnicthe keystone has a 400 error19:15
stupidnicSo a little background here, we are working on moving some of our API end points behind SSL proxies19:15
stupidnicSo we have publicURL set to the public endpoints19:16
stupidnicand internalURL set to our internal IP endpoints19:16
stupidnicfor things like nova and cinder, this works fine19:16
stupidnicIs it possible that astara is not using the auth_uri in the config file?19:17
openstackgerritYang Hongyang proposed openstack/astara-appliance: Fix pep8 errors for unit test files
openstackgerritYang Hongyang proposed openstack/astara-appliance: Move tests into astara_router package
eric_lopezstupidnic: is this with the liberty or master?19:24
stupidnicI am guessing master at this point19:24
eric_lopezmy understanding it should be using the auth_uri19:24
adam_gstupidnic, in master, we just pass our configfile over to keystoneclient for it to create a client from the appropriate settings,
adam_gid be interested to see what nova-api logs when you get the error19:30
adam_gnothing in the pastebin on the astara side shows that its a keystone issue, unless im missing something19:30
openstackgerritMerged openstack/astara: docs: Update diagram PNGs
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stupidnicadam_g: Let me setup  some tails on the files and restart astara19:48
stupidnicyou can see the apache2/api_access.log with the 400 errors19:51
stupidnicwhich is the public keystone interface19:52
eric_lopezI ran into some issue with keystone v3 authentication when I was running nova master a few weeks back20:03
eric_lopezI had to downrev to liberty on nova to get it to work properly20:03
stupidnicI am running liberty for most everything other than astara20:04
eric_lopezlet me see if I can find the error20:04
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eric_lopezDo you see any error in the nova-api logs?20:07
eric_lopezI was getting a weird error with sql_connection - "CantStartEngineError:"20:08
stupidnicno I am not seeing anything like that20:10
stupidnicI am just seeing authorization failed for token20:11
adam_gstupidnic, you're able to use novaclient manually to do things like list servers?20:11
stupidnichmmm odd... no20:11
stupidnicI did that earlier20:11
stupidnicYeah nova api is to blame here... I swear I just did openstack server list not 10 minutes ago and it worked fine20:12
stupidnicnow I am getting the same 4020:12
stupidnicOkay. Sorry guys. Something in my deployment process is just wrecking my service endpoints20:14
stupidnicI had them working this morning... and now they are all reverted again20:15
stupidnic"configuration management... the ability to wreck hundreds of things all at once with one command" ™20:16
openstackgerritAdam Gandelman proposed openstack/astara-neutron: Avoid l3_hamode_db when creating HA router
stupidnicyep... correct endpoints... everything works. Sigh... who knew20:29
stupidnicthanks everyone20:29
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