Friday, 2016-04-01

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adam_gFYI guys, cut RC2 last night.
adam_gshould be lookin good for release15:37
markmcclainelo and I found stale config in config file15:39
markmcclainnothing to require an RC3, but something we should clean up15:39
markmcclainwe still have auth_url in the default section, but not sure we're actually using it any more15:40
markmcclainso the keystone stanza may not be filled out15:40
adam_gmarkmcclain, oh hmm15:41
adam_git looks liek it still gets used in cli/browse.py15:42
adam_gbut that should be updated to use a keystone session as well i'd think15:43
markmcclainyeah something easy to fix in newton15:43
elo  and we are missing blessed in the requirement file for the cli command to work15:47
markmcclainyeah.. devstack adds it15:48
markmcclainwe need to get added to global requirements15:48
markmcclainit's MIT, so shouldn't be blocke15:48
eloi had the identity_uri and auth_uri defined in the keystone_authtoken stanza15:49
eloand couldn't get astra-orchestrator to start - even though auth_url was defined in the default section15:50
eloI moved the auth_url to the keystone_authtoken section and now its starting up15:50
markmcclainthe cli tool uses the one in teh default so you'll need both if you want that to work15:53
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elobug submitted on this configuration issue17:00
adam_g thanx17:05
stupidnicNot 100% related to Astara, but the domain's SSL has expired.17:06
stupidnicjust a heads up17:06
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dhellmannadam_g, markmcclain, ryanpetrello : it looks like most of the astara repos don't have release jobs configured for them, so we'll have to tag a new release candidate after adding them
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cleverdevilhey, Astara-heads, just wanted to share that DreamHost has been selected as a finalist for the OpenStack Superuser award, in no small part to the great work of the Astara community.19:50
cleverdeviloh, and vote for us - https://makecloudgreatagain.com19:50
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