Friday, 2016-04-15

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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/astara: Updated from global requirements
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/astara: Updated from global requirements
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stupidnicI am wondering if somebody can help me with something...15:42
stupidnicI know that we are supposed to have a VXLAN interface on the console, but after a reboot I am not seeing it, and that is causing issues with Astara15:42
stupidnicIs Astara supposed to create that interface?15:43
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stupidnicmarkmcclain: sorry... I a bit desparate here... the vxlan interface for the service network isn't being created on the controller after a reboot. I am pretty sure this is the job of linuxbridge_agent... but nothing in the logs16:28
stupidnicso Astara can't talk to the routers16:29
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markmcclainstupidnic: hmmm... it's the orchestrator's job to create the tap device and the linuxbridge agent's job to add it to the bridge16:33
stupidnicmarkmcclain: okay... I see the tap16:34
markmcclainstupidnic: if the tap is there... the agent should wire it16:34
markmcclaindoes neutron think the tap is bound?16:35
stupidnicDevice tap0bdd910d-8b not defined on plugin16:35
stupidnicI am not sure what that is telling me though16:35
stupidnicGot it16:39
stupidnicSo apparently there were two ports plugged into the service network of type ASTARA:RUG:SERVICE16:40
stupidnicone with the main IP (:1) and another with :6916:41
stupidnicI deleted the one.16:42
stupidnicI delete the :69 one16:43
stupidnicHmmm this is still wrecked. Astara is trying to pull an address other than the :1 address and because the router instances are hard coded to look for that address they aren't being acked as up and running16:49
stupidnicI am going to delete the service network and add it back16:49
markmcclainthe newer code isn't dependent on :1 as the orchestrator address16:59
markmcclainstupidnic: I thought you were running mitaka everything16:59
stupidnicNo. Liberty16:59
stupidnicI am getting16:59
markmcclainoh liberty orchestrator17:00
stupidnic No route to host17:00
stupidnicfor the ipv6 addresses of the routers17:00
markmcclainhmmm if you have local addr and the tap isn't added to the bridge ND failure will yield that answer17:01
stupidnicI have the vxlan interface now17:02
stupidnicI show that the brq is there and is connecting the tap to the vxlan17:03
markmcclainwhat's in the neighbor table? UNREACHABLES?17:05
stupidnichow do I check that?17:06
stupidnicI am doing a tcpdump on the compute nodes that already have a vxlan-10 interface on them and I can see that there is neighbor solicitation coming through, but nothing else.17:16
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stupidnicI am completely lost now... in the weeds.... I am seeing NeutronClientException: Authentication required on the nova compute nodes now17:23
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stupidnicmarkmcclain: just an update. I finally have it working again.18:01
stupidnicWhen I deleted the management network I needed to restart linuxbridge and nova-compute on the compute nodes to get them to work with the new management network18:01
stupidnicI still don't understand why Astara created a new ASTARA:RUG:SERVICE port on the management network in the first place.18:02
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markmcclainkind of crazy you had to restart nova  since it knows nothing about the management network18:07
markmcclaindid the hostname change by chance?18:07
markmcclainif changes the orchestrator does not have a good way to retrieve the last used service port18:08
stupidnicmarkmcclain: that's EXACTLY what we did18:09
stupidnicman... if I had known what a nightmare that would have turned into, I would have changed the other hostname :)18:10
stupidnicmarkmcclain: We restarted nova-compute mainly as a precaution (restart all the things!)18:12
stupidnicOkay. So for those keeping score at home. hostname changes are bad... not only did it negatively impact Astara, it also negatively impacted RabbitMQ as well18:13
markmcclainstupidnic: yeah sorry it's such a royal pain to change hostname18:20
stupidnicmarkmcclain: no problem, hard won knowledge is the best18:20
stupidnicI certainly won't be forgetting it anytime soon18:20
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thingeeryanpetrello: hey the Astara fish bowl session is still marked as TBD. Can you please update that today with a title and description?21:01
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ryanpetrellothingee: yep, working on it as we speak22:22
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