Wednesday, 2016-05-25

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/astara: vagrant: Add a Vagrant setup for Astara
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adam_gmestery: do you have a local.conf / localrc you can share to get rolling with astara+OVN? i know mark did some testing with astara+OVN during liberty but its been a while02:33
adam_gmestery: that trace makes it look like you had some L3 agents running at one point that are reported as down and need to be deleted02:33
adam_gbut IMBW02:34
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mesteryadam_g: I'll get that and share now!13:50
mesteryadam_g markmcclain:
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mesteryadam_g markmcclain: I wonder if the recent devstack refactor around q-l3 is affecting things?
mesteryI'm trying with a devstack pre the refactor to see now14:06
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mesteryadam_g: Well, that had no affect, still seeing this error on startup:
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adam_gmestery: oh, thats a different trace from what i saw yesterday. try setting enabled=False in the [coordination] section of the /etc/astara/orchestrator.ini17:29
mesteryadam_g: Trying17:29
mesteryadam_g: Different traces now:
markmcclainmestery: what services are enabled in neutron?17:33
mesteryOnly running hte neutron server, and all the OVN pieces17:34
markmcclainmestery: sorry service plugins configured in neutron.conf17:36
mesteryI see this in neutron.conf:17:37
mesteryservice_plugins = qos17:37
mesteryThat's it17:37
markmcclainhmmm.. will need astara_neutron.plugins.ml2_neutron_plugin.L3RouterPlugin too17:38
adam_gmestery: is the env your using the output of devstack with that localrc, or are you converting another deployment from agents -> astara?17:40
mesteryadam_g: This is my vagrant setup which merged, with custom config to add OVN support17:40
mesterymarkmcclain: OK, let me try that, I wonder why devstack plugin didn't set that?17:41
adam_gi have a feeling the OVN + astara devstack plugins are stomping on each other17:41
mesteryadam_g: That's what I'm thinking as well ...17:41
adam_gim spining one up with your localrc here ill give it a banging ina bit17:42
mesteryadam_g: Coolio, in the meantime, I'm going to try the in-progress OVN as ML2 to see if that's the issue (OVN is currently a core plugin)17:43
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mesteryadam_g markmcclain: So, when I use the OVN ML2 plugin, it looks like things are working now18:02
mesterySo must be something with how devstack was setting up OVN as a core plugin18:02
mesteryI see a VM spinup now when I create a router18:02
markmcclaincool... that narrows it down a bunch18:03
mesteryYeah, and I don't think it's worth debugging more, because by next week, OVN will be back to being ML218:04
mesteryThanks for the pointers here markmcclain and adam_g!18:04
adam_gmestery: nice. what did you do to enable the OVN ML2? im almost done stacking with your OVN localrc, im interested in poking at it since ive got it spun up18:06
mesteryadam_g: Let me paste my local.conf which pulls in an upstream patch not-yet merged to make configuring OVN with ML2 easier18:07
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elomestery: is there instruction for a multinode non-devstack configuration for OVN?18:08
adam_gmestery: cool, and just restack with that from scratch?18:09
mesteryadam_g: Yes sir18:09
mesteryelo: There is a vagrant config in networking-ovn which builds a multi-node environment using devstack. There is also documentation in networking-ovn to tell you how to do the same without devstack, yes18:09
elothanks. I'll check it out18:10
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