Thursday, 2016-08-11

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phil_hIs anyone there?13:42
phil_hI am having a problem with astara13:43
phil_hI never see a l3 agnet show up after I start the orchestrator13:43
phil_hMy understanding is that the orchestrator should check in with neutron through the rabbit messaging after it starts up.13:47
phil_hGotta go off line for 10 to 15 minutes13:47
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phil_h|2anyone there?16:56
openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/astara: Updated from global requirements
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phil_h|2I am having a problem getting astara and neutron working20:02
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phil_h|2I am getting a strange error in my astara and neutron logs20:03
phil_h|2it shows as: Remote error: AgentNotFoundByTypeHost20:03
phil_h|2Neutron doesn't think it has any l3 agents20:04
phil_h|2I have astara-neutron installed20:04
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phil_h|2I have verified that I have the neutron core_plug and service_plugins set correctly20:16
phil_h|2this is all on mitaka20:17
ryanpetrelloI mentioned to phil_h|220:21
ryanpetrelloneutron *shouldn't* have any l3 agents configured20:21
ryanpetrellothe astara orchestrator doesn't register as an l3 agent or anything like that20:21
phil_h|2and I don't20:21
ryanpetrellojust clarifying that point20:22
drwahlwhat is the actual issue?20:22
phil_h|2It is as if neutron isn't recognizing the astara plugin stuff that I have set20:22
drwahlfrom my experience, it's not uncommon for errors to pop up in the logs, but stuff to still be working as expected20:23
phil_h|2I never get a router built20:23
drwahlah, ok20:23
phil_h|2and I see and error in the logs that I stated above20:24
drwahldoes neutron even schedule a router?20:24
phil_h|2that error is on both the neutron and astara logs20:24
phil_h|2It never even tries to schedule a router20:24
drwahlhave you enabled debug mode in neutron to try to coax out a more helpful error?20:25
phil_h|2I have followed a process (and ansible build) that worked beofre20:25
phil_h|2I have set debug on both ansible and neutron20:25
phil_h|2I found it - my very bad20:43
drwahlmind sharing? :)20:44
phil_h|2I had an extra core_plugin and service_plugin line later in the config file20:45
phil_h|2they we overriding the ones that declaied the astara stuff20:45
phil_h|2that one hurt20:45
drwahlit's always the simple things that hide so well20:45
phil_h|2right there in front of you20:46
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phil_h|2Time to go home!!! Thanks everyone20:58
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