Friday, 2014-07-11

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lakmalhi.. any meeting today?15:04
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Penickbauzas: did I miss the meeting?15:15
bauzasPenick: nah, I'm unable to attend the meeting :(15:15
PenickOh ok15:16
bauzasPenick: do you need help on this ?15:16
bauzasPenick: I have to go in a very few, but will be available by later today15:17
bauzasI know that Nikolay_St is also currently in the US15:17
Penickno problems, If the meeting was going to happen I was going to participate15:17
bauzasPST-based or so15:17
bauzasPenick: that's something we need to figure out15:17
bauzasPenick: I'm really busy these months with the nova scheduler split, but I'm still following Blazar on a high-level view15:18
Penickwill you be at the mid-cycle meetup?15:18
bauzasPenick: and still helping of course15:18
Penickah, ok15:18
bauzasPenick: the Nova one ?15:18
bauzasPenick: nah, bauzas 2.0 coming in15:18
bauzasPenick: well that's even bauzas 3.0, second baby15:19
PenickOh! Congratulations! :)15:19
bauzasPenick: thanks, but I really miss the opportunity15:19
bauzasPenick: I have so much to discuss about the scheduler stuff15:19
bauzasPenick: so, yes, we also have to figure out what we need to do15:20
lakmali would like to discuss the subscription BP15:20
lakmalseems we will not have a meeting today?15:20
bauzaslakmal: are you in the US ?15:20
lakmalno, i'm in Sweden15:21
bauzasok, so I would propose to discuss with you on Tues15:21
Penickbauzas: i’ll send email soon about the quota management stuff I talked about inAtlanta15:21
bauzasI'm Europe-based15:21
bauzasPenick: sure, I'm also thinking about it, because I was challenged in the -dev list about that :-)15:21
lakmalbauzas: good. then we can find a good time for both of us15:22
bauzaslakmal: sure, you can also open a thread in -dev15:22
bauzaslakmal: so all people can jump in15:22
bauzaslakmal: just tag it with [Blazar] in it15:23
lakmalbauzas: good idea.. I will do write to dev tonight15:23
bauzaslakmal: thanks15:23
bauzasPenick: yeah, I also appreciate your work on the policy stuff15:23
bauzasPenick: we just need to figure what pieces are missing15:24
bauzasPenick: had you time for reviewing code ?15:24
Penickbauzas: Yeah, a bit. I’ve mostly been helping out on the gerrit reviews to get to know the code a bit15:25
bauzasPenick: that's the better thing15:25
bauzasPenick: unfortunately, most of our devs are now away :(15:25
bauzasPenick: the code is pretty smal tho15:26
bauzasPenick: ttly this evening15:26
bauzaslakmal: waiting your dev thread :)15:27
bauzasbye folks, need to go15:27
Penickbauzas: see you next time :)15:27
lakmalbauzas: thanks.. i will do it in later today15:27
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