Monday, 2014-07-21

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hshahbauzas1: you there? got a minute?17:15
bauzas1hi hshah17:16
hshahhi bauzas117:16
bauzas1hshah: sure17:16
bauzas1hshah: for 10 mnis17:16
bauzas1hshah: (UTC+2 TZ here)17:16
hshahoh yeah. just wanted to get feedback on
hshahwhen you have some time please have a look17:17
bauzas1hshah: oh, saw your change17:20
bauzas1hshah: ok, that requires me to jump in the bug17:21
bauzas1hshah: I need some time for rebooting my mind with Blazar :)17:22
bauzas1hshah: will provide a review by tomorrow17:22
hshahah ok ok :) sure, no hurry. Thanks so much bauzas1.17:22
bauzas1hshah: nah, your welcome17:23
bauzas1hshah: first glance looks good to me17:23
bauzas1hshah: don't know why pafuent gave a -117:23
bauzas1hshah: ooooh, saw the reply from pafuent17:24
hshahbauzas1: yeah pafuent suggested i contact you.17:26
bauzas1hshah: still looking at your patch, looks good17:27
bauzas1hshah: IIRC, compute_host_id from allocation table is the compute ID from Nova17:27
hshahbauzas1: i tested it on a local devstack instance and it worked fine. Just modified the method to check for either name or id17:28
bauzas1hshah: so, when doing a call to nova by getting the list, we look at the name, and now you add a check to the id17:28
hshahbauzas1: correct17:29
bauzas1hshah: as said, you're good17:29
bauzas1hshah: what's confusing pafuent is that we get the ID from Blazar allocation table17:29
bauzas1hshah: but this ID is actually got from Nova and updates Blazar17:29
bauzas1hshah: lemme find you where17:30
bauzas1hshah: got it17:33
bauzas1hshah: here we get the ID17:34
bauzas1hshah: here we call Nova for it17:35
bauzas1hshah: here we create the entry in Blazar17:35
hshahbauzas1: awesome! thanks for getting that.. will clarify with pafuent..17:37
bauzas1hshah: no pb17:38
bauzas1hshah: my Blazar code is a bit rusty17:38
bauzas1hshah: that's a bit dusty to me17:38
bauzas1hshah: but thanks for letting me the opportunity to dig into an old portion of code :)17:39
hshahbauzas1: no problem :) you're welcome. just trying to get comfortable with Blazar. Hope to help out in the best way I can. Will bug you again in case I need feedback or clarifications :)17:40
bauzas1hshah: no worries, happy to see new contributors17:41
bauzas1hshah: the code is not that big, but don't hesitate to ping me if you need some peering help17:42
bauzas1hshah: I still need to find some time for creating a new plugin...17:42
hshahbauzas1: sure. let me know if I could help in anything. would be happy to chip in.17:44
bauzas1hshah: sure, would be cool, depending on your time17:45
bauzas1hshah: the problem is that the current plugins are quite PoC17:46
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bauzas1hshah: especially the instances one17:46
bauzas1hshah: so my idea is to write a new plugin for managing instances reservations on top of reserved computenodes17:46
bauzas1hshah: kind of a mix between the 2 plugins17:47
hshahbauzas1: you are right. I was just starting to work on reserved computenodes and realized that the instances are not managed on top of it17:48
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hshahbauzas1: if there is a blueprint or some tips on how to go about it, i can definitely contribute. I am available mostly full time for the next 3 weeks.17:50
bauzas1hshah: ok, cool to hear17:52
bauzas1hshah: we did an etherpad a while ago17:52
bauzas1hshah: and indeed there is a bp17:52
bauzas1the etherpad is in the whiteboard (or also as the full spec link)17:55
hshahbauzas1: cool, will go through it17:55
hshahbauzas1: saw the etherpad. Looks like we are drafting it currently.17:59
hshahbauzas1: but yes I can do some experiments based on your proposal18:00
bauzas1hshah: nice to hear I'm not alone in the dark :)18:00
bauzas1hshah: the thing is, I'm not 100% dedicated to Nova18:00
bauzas1hshah: so I have no time to correctly address the problem18:01
hshahbauzas1: ohhh18:01
bauzas1hshah: but that's changing a bit18:01
bauzas1hshah: yeah, if you find my former changes, you'll find I was working for another employer18:01
bauzas1hshah: but I'm still following Blazar actively18:02
bauzas1hshah: because that's also part of my new role18:02
bauzas1hshah: so, I'm just trying to be pragmatic and find some time for working on my Blazar duties18:03
bauzas1hshah: but with respects to Nova, it takes a while to get some code merged in Nova :p18:03
hshahbauzas1: yeah I have heard my colleagues talk about code contribution in Nova. It does take a while.18:04
hshahbauzas1: I am currently interning so I have the time to look at Blazar full time.18:05
bauzas1hshah: cool18:05
bauzas1hshah: any help is good to take18:05
hshahbauzas1: Just don't have the experience :)18:05
hshahbauzas1: yeah that's right18:05
bauzas1hshah: Blazar is a good move for going into OpenStack, trust my experience :)18:05
hshahbauzas1: yeah.. I got to learn a lot about OpenStack through Blazar and did not have to deal with a huge codebase.18:07
pafuenthshah: bauzas1: I'll approve the patch. I didn't noticed that the model default value is set with the hypervisor id.18:32
pafuenthshah: And bauzas1 is 100% percent right: Blazar is the best way to going into OpenStack18:34
pafuenthshah: :-D18:35
hshahpafuent: thanks so much :)18:35
pafuenthshah: No problem and WELCOME18:36
openstackgerritA change was merged to stackforge/blazar: Update method in host_plugin to find hypervisor by name or id
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openstackgerritPablo Andres Fuente proposed a change to stackforge/blazar: Filter leases by project_id
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openstackgerritHarsh Shah proposed a change to stackforge/python-blazarclient: Added option --advance-by to allow advancing of lease start date
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