Monday, 2014-08-25

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Ajaegerblazar team, could you review and, please?18:14
openstackgerritAndreas Jaeger proposed a change to stackforge/blazar: Updated from global requirements
AjaegerDinaBelova, could you approve before the next requirements bot run overwrites this again, please?18:45
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Ajaegeris blazar dead? The channel is silent and no patches for a few weeks here:,n,z ? Or did you all take August off? ;)19:03
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Ajaegerthanks, bauzas for the reviews19:15
bauzasAjaeger: no worries19:15
bauzasAjaeger: at the moment, blazar is a bit missing some core support, but I'm still following the news :)19:16
AjaegerGood! I feared it was summer time for everybody ;)19:16
bauzasAjaeger: yeah, I have to write something on ML I think19:17
Ajaegerbauzas: Are you the only core? In that case could you approve the three patches, please? We need to move forward with requirements and blazar is blocking here...19:17
bauzasAjaeger: we are 5 people as cores19:17
bauzasAjaeger: DinaBelova and another one both located in Russia19:18
bauzasAjaeger: me from France19:18
bauzasAjaeger: scroiset_ from France too19:18
bauzasAjaeger: and pafuent from Argentina19:18
Ajaegerok, so that's after working hours for all of us (I'm from Germany ;)19:18
bauzasAjaeger: indeed19:18
bauzasAjaeger: as I said, I think I should explain the current Blazar status on ML19:19
Ajaegerbauzas: thanks, looking forward to it.19:19
bauzasAjaeger: we're a Stackforge project, so we lack contributions :)19:19
AjaegerI'm a doc core - we could use help as well ;)19:20
bauzasAjaeger: yeah I know ;)19:20
Ajaegerand doc is an official program...19:20
bauzasAjaeger: I'm now a Nova ATC for the scheduler split19:20
bauzasAjaeger: so I'm no longer contributing to Blazar as much as I would19:21
Ajaegerthanks for chatting here with me ;)19:21
bauzasI guess I'll write some "State-of-the-Union" email :)19:21
bauzasanyway, thanks for your help19:22
Ajaegerbauzas: would be great if you could help push these three patches through - before requirements overrides it, the others to unblock requirements changes.19:25
bauzasAjaeger: k, any idea when it could occur ?19:26
bauzaspafuent: ping ?19:26
bauzasscroiset_: ping ?19:27
Ajaegerbauzas: requirements updates happen whenever something merges in ;(19:27
Ajaegerbauzas: either of us can re-add the config change if it gets overwritten...19:27
Ajaegerstill, I would prefer to not do it too often ;)19:27
bauzasAjaeger: well, I do understand19:27
bauzasAjaeger: I know about the updates, was just wondering if you were aware about a next one19:28
bauzasAjaeger: ok, will take my responsibilities :)19:28
Ajaegerbauzas: not aware currently of the next one, would need to check the queue ...19:28
bauzasAjaeger: sure, sorry I'm lazy tonight :)19:29
bauzasoh awesome !19:29
bauzasscroiset_, you won't leave me alone :)19:29
scroiset_lucky .. online for few minutes :)19:30
bauzasscroiset_: thanks to you, I won't have to be an outlaw19:30
Ajaegerscroiset_: could you review and approve, please?19:30
scroiset_issue with the gate19:30
Ajaegerscroiset_: thanks!19:32
scroiset_you're welcome!19:32
scroiset_.. seems blazar has need new/active reviewer19:32
Ajaegerscroiset_: please put these into your review queue as well and - but this is not that urgent, just should be done soon ;)19:33
scroiset_bauzas: there is something in the pipe concerning renewing the team?19:33
scroiset_Ajaeger: I'll take a look tomorrow19:34
Ajaegerscroiset_: Thanks, that's soon enough ;)19:35
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bauzasscroiset_: that's something I need to writre19:39
bauzasscroiset_: at ATL, I discussed with some people about Climate/Blazar19:40
bauzasscroiset_: we just need more visibility...19:40
bauzasscroiset_: I need to review the stats19:41
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