Tuesday, 2014-12-16

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tellesnobregahey, do you guys have any intention on using blazar for quota management?13:32
tellesnobregak4n0, ping14:02
k4n0tellesnobrega, ping14:06
k4n0tellesnobrega, I am not the right person to ask14:06
tellesnobregahi, i see tg14:06
tellesnobregai see that the blazar team i a bit small14:06
tellesnobregahow is the progress going?14:06
tellesnobregak4n0, do you have any idea of it is going to be integrated to openstack anytime soon?14:07
k4n0tellesnobrega, I am not in the blazar team, I just lurk this chan14:07
tellesnobregaDinaBelova, ping?14:08
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DinaBelovafolks, basically blazar is dead project now, and I has been working on ceilometer for last 6 months actually15:22
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DinaBelovabauzas is working on nova for about the same time15:25
bauzasDinaBelova: we can promote some new cores15:35
bauzasDinaBelova: I don't want to deadlock the project15:35
DinaBelovabauzas ++15:35
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tellesnobregaDinaBelova, do you guys plan to make this project expand?18:08
tellesnobregai'm interested in working with it. I'm currently working with sahara and this project is also really good for me18:09
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DinaBelovatellesnobrega, a-ha, ok, good to know19:03
DinaBelovatellesnobrega basically if you'd like to continue this initiative, it'll be more than great19:04
DinaBelovatellesnobrega, I just want to show you the basic fact - blazar is kind of forgotten project right now, and you'll need to do *much* job to make it alive again19:04
DinaBelovatellesnobrega, it was forgotten due many things - one of them was the following - yeah ago community was not ready for this project initiative19:05
tellesnobregaDinaBelova, i see19:17
tellesnobregaDinaBelova, is there a core team for blazar? people that I can talk to work on it? or it is "completely" stopped?19:18
DinaBelovatellesnobrega, bauzas and I actually are part of core-team - I mean, we can give +2s, approves, etc.19:37
DinaBelovaalthough we do not use our rights now as there was no need19:37
DinaBelovaI'm ok to give these permissions to u, for instance19:37
DinaBelovaif you'll continue work on this project19:37
bauzastellesnobrega: DinaBelova: I can take some time for reviewing your patches19:40
bauzasbefore giving you some +219:40
DinaBelovabauzas, it'll be cool19:40
DinaBelovai'll try to do that as well19:41
bauzastellesnobrega: but please provide small changes19:41
bauzastellesnobrega: ie. please not provide more than 100 lines for each change19:41
bauzastellesnobrega: and instead provide a patch series19:41
tellesnobregabauzas, ok. i will start working on this19:41
bauzastellesnobrega: so it would help me for reviewing the changes19:42
tellesnobregai'm not sure how much time i will be able to put into blazar19:42
tellesnobregasahara is taking some of my time19:42
bauzastellesnobrega: are you already working on OpenStack ?19:42
bauzastellesnobrega: that's OK19:42
tellesnobregai'm on sahara, worked in keystone for a while as well19:42
tellesnobregai'm actually thinking on introducing opportunistic instances to openstack19:42
bauzastellesnobrega: ok, that's fine, Blazar is quite freezed now, but it's ok with working on it19:43
tellesnobregabauzas, great19:43
tellesnobregai will start working on it19:44
bauzasjust make sure you CC me on the patches19:44
tellesnobregaand hopefully we can make it work19:44
bauzastellesnobrega: what do you plan to work on ?19:44
tellesnobreganot sure yet. i want to take a look at the reservations and leases19:45
tellesnobregasee how they work, how i can improve them19:45
tellesnobregai still need to get a good look at the code19:45
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tellesnobregado you know of any major problems that need quick work?19:46
tellesnobregai looked for bugs in launchpad but there arent many19:47
bauzastellesnobrega: oh, that's right19:48
bauzastellesnobrega: well, I think you should maybe look at what you want to get19:48
bauzastellesnobrega: ie. what usecase you'd be working on19:49
bauzastellesnobrega: we had some old blueprints which had no time for working on19:49
bauzastellesnobrega: and we have probably some bugs you know :D19:50
tellesnobregabauzas, of course. I will start looking into it. Hopefully we can get this project running again19:50
tellesnobregaand aiming for incubation19:51
bauzastellesnobrega: no worries, take your time19:51
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bauzastellesnobrega: eh, that's really too early for incubation19:51
tellesnobregai know19:51
tellesnobregaI'm looking at the horizon here :)19:51
bauzastellesnobrega: and probably Blazar will live on another way (ie. merged to another project)19:52
tellesnobregabauzas, sounds reasonable. They main idea is not enough to be a whole new project i think19:53
tellesnobregabauzas, thanks for the help. I will get in touch and cc you in the patchs.19:55
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