Wednesday, 2015-09-02

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bauzasmorning (UGT) everybody16:04
priteauHello Sylvain16:06
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bauzaspriteau: morning16:08
bauzaspriteau: nice work on maintaining Blazar on a separate fork16:08
bauzaspriteau: I still need to review your changes but that looks good16:09
bauzaspriteau: are you enough comfortable with contributing upstream ?16:09
priteauThank you and the Blazar community for creating this software, it was very helpful for getting our testbed up and running!16:19
priteauI am comfortable with contributing most of the patches, although they will need extra tests as well. A few are either specific to Chameleon or workarounds that require a proper fix16:20
priteauOnce Jenkins is successful again, I'll be able to do some triage and submit patches16:21
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bauzaspriteau: ack16:27
bauzaspriteau: my goal is to be there for the transition period so that a new team can handover16:27
priteauthat would be very helpful :-)16:32
ildikovMorning guys! :)16:38
ildikovpriteau: I can only repeate bauzas in saying thank you for the maintenance and the willingness to contribute that code back16:40
ildikovpriteau: I guess you would also be interested in maintaining and improving Blazar further upstream, right?16:41
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priteauYes we want to see Blazar supported and getting news features as we plan to continue using it for the foreseeable future. Hopefully we're not the only ones!16:45
ildikovThat sounds really good!16:48
ildikovAccording to the mail thread you're not the only one interested, so I hope it can work out upstream this time16:49
harshshi all, i am interested too. i worked on blazar briefly last year.17:01
harshspriteau: great work with using blazar and the horizon integration. very similar to what we wanted/envisoned here.17:03
priteauDid you have a specific use case in mind for Blazar at Yahoo?17:13
harshspriteau: yeah we wanted user-friendly lease managment and your use of the horizon integration is spot on. It would also help in better utilization of our resouces.17:19
priteauI must stress that we've only used Blazar for reserving physical nodes for bare metal deployment (combining it with Ironic which required some customization), so we might need help to test it in more "standard" configurations17:28
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bauzasso, I just wonder who could be in Tokyo for the Summit?18:03
bauzaswe could do a meet-and-greet18:03
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Nikolay_Stbauzas: not me :(18:23
ildikovNikolay_St: :(18:24
ildikovbauzas: I will be there18:24
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Nikolay_Stbauzas: ildikov I restore the patch in which I was try to fix our devstack job18:27
Nikolay_Sthere it is
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ildikovNikolay_St: thanks!18:36
priteausorry I won't be there either18:37
Nikolay_Stildikov: it was easy. as far as I remember I was stuck with it :( so, I need some time to really 'fix' it.18:37
ildikovNikolay_St: it's still a starting point :)18:37
bauzasNikolay_St: okay, will try to take a look on it18:38
ildikovI wonder whether we could do a half virtual meet-and-greet with Google Hangouts or smth like18:38
Nikolay_Stildikov: yeah. it's a good idea18:38
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ildikovcool, we can get back to this, when we have the design summit schedule in place18:40
harshsi won’t be there either. Google hangout is a good idea.18:41
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