Monday, 2015-09-07

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ildikovNikolay_St: hi09:57
Nikolay_Stildikov: hi09:58
ildikovNikolay_St: I was wonder whether we should start to create a devstack plugin for Blazar or just fix the current tempest tests for now and create that plugin later?09:58
Nikolay_Stildikov: I suggest to fix existing tests and then proceed with devstack plugin10:00
Nikolay_StI mean it's just two differents issues10:01
Nikolay_St1 - broken gate10:01
Nikolay_St2 - outdate codebase and missing community practices10:01
ildikovyeap, you're right, I came to the question after seeing the imprt errors in the Jenkins reports10:02
ildikov... so I was wondering whether that would be easier to handle with this plugin based architecture10:02
Nikolay_StI'm looking at it now10:02
Nikolay_Styou may be right10:03
ildikovsorry for the mess I made, I wanted to see what else is there besides dateutils10:03
ildikovand then I bumped into climateclient, that is where I gave up the try for the weekend10:04
Nikolay_Stildikov: as I said i dev-list I'm not familiar with how gate work10:04
Nikolay_Stso, I can't say something like "we should do this first, and that second"10:05
ildikovI'm sure my fix is not 100% complete even in the devstack lib, but the import errors should not be related to that10:05
Nikolay_StI need some time for investigation of the problem10:05
ildikovI will start to investigate the devstack plugin locally as much as I will have time, if that sounds ok to you10:05
ildikovso we can work in parallel and the plugin will be needed later anyway10:06
ildikovor another option is to fix the oslo dependencies and remove the openstack/common code taht I can start with10:08
Nikolay_Stildikov: I think that plugin has higher priority. possibly it can fix issue with devstack job10:11
ildikovNikolay_St: ok, great, then I will take a look at it10:13
ildikovNikolay_St: thanks10:13
openstackgerritNikolay Starodubtsev proposed stackforge/blazar: Fix blazar devstack job
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