Monday, 2015-10-05

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bauzasgood UGT morning09:32
bauzastrying to join the hangout but it fails with "nobody is here for now"09:32
priteauSame for me09:33
bauzasbtw. it would be cool if we could expose the meeting09:33
bauzasso anyone who would like to contribute could join and that would be logged09:33
priteauDo you have the link to the Etherpad mentioned by Ildikó? I don't recall seeing it09:34
bauzaspriteau: nope09:36
bauzasNikolay_St: the URL is having problems with me09:36
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bauzasNikolay_St: I guess it's because it's a private URL probably which requires to have connections09:37
priteauI haven't used Hangouts much, could it be because ildikov who created the meeting is not connected to it?09:37
ildikovI could not join to the link Nikolay_St sent09:37
priteauThanks Nikolay_St09:37
bauzaspriteau: could you please try
ildikovI got a strange message from Google hangouts that no one is there so the call ended or smth like this...09:38
priteaubauzas: This one seems to work09:38
Nikolay_Stlet's move to an IRC09:38
bauzasNikolay_St: DinaBelova: okay, could you please go to ?09:38
ildikovbauzas: thanks, it works :)09:39
* bauzas anyone who would like to say "hi" to the kick-off can join to
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