Thursday, 2017-03-09

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openstackgerritMasahito Muroi proposed openstack/blazar master: Add spec directory in blazar repo
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bauzaspriteau: I have some concerns with
bauzaspriteau: we used trusts for the exact reason we wanted to avoid 401s when the least was starting15:26
bauzasbecause the token could have been wrong15:27
priteauI see that using trusts can have benefits, but it requires users to have some admin-by-default privileges (unless there is another workaround)15:29
bauzasyou can raise the context to be admin15:29
priteauwhile still using the trust-scoped token?15:30
bauzasgood point15:30
priteauI can see how it would have worked well for instance reservation, because Nova operations were not requiring special privileges (create instance, shelve, unshelve)15:31
bauzasas an user, you delegate a trust if you wanna duplicate the call for some long-lived API15:31
bauzasbut yeah, I agree, creating the infrastructure for managing pools should be a service user15:32
bauzasmaybe something is unclear with that logic15:32
bauzasyeah, maybe removing trusts for physical hosts is a good idea, if we say that we use a service user for calling nova15:33
priteauthis brings us to the discussion over this latest patch: originally, Climate was using the 'climate' service user to do that. You added an additional admin user (configured separately in climate.conf) in
priteauIt's clear to me why (on Chameleon we have been using the climate service user to call Nova and haven't seen any issues)15:34
priteauSorry, it's *not* clear to me why15:34
priteauAnd the other reviewers don't see why either15:35
bauzaspriteau: that's where my memory tricks me15:44
priteauheh, it was a while ago15:45
priteauUnfortunately there are no IRC logs from back then15:45
bauzasI don't remember the rationale behind that15:45
bauzasfrom a design perspective, there are things to consider15:45
bauzas1/ quotas are user-based15:46
bauzasso things moving instances or other quota-related things should use same rights that the user calling those15:46
bauzas2/ Blazar does extra things for managing leases, and those can't necessarly be user-facing15:47
bauzasfor that, we need to hide that15:47
priteauYes, quota is a concern15:48
priteauEven though for 0.2.0 we only have physical host reservation, it would still allow a user to reserve many more hosts than their equivalent instance quota15:48
bauzasit's semantically like ironic15:49
priteauBut we're really aiming for a release with minimum working functionality, so we'll ignore the quotas for this one, and leave more radical changes to the next release and further15:49
bauzasironic has the concept of the "first-takes-all"15:49
bauzaspriteau: honestly, context switching in my mind is an hard cost, so I defer those design decisions to you and the Blazar team15:50
bauzaspriteau: if you feel more confident with cleaning all that mess and use regular service users, I'm fine15:50
bauzasbecause you played with Blazar far more than me in the last 3 years15:51
priteauI understand. I just thought you might remember the rationale behind it. Thanks!15:51
bauzaspriteau: so, I'm officially blessing you to cut all my dirty code and do what you want :D15:51
bauzasalso keep in mind I was far less seasoned on OpenStack when I started writing Blazar than now15:52
priteauThat's nice to know :-)15:52
bauzasso I could have made big misinterpretations that would scare me now15:52
priteauI will open a blueprint to keep track of the quota issue you just raised15:52
bauzasI usually provide this pic
bauzasto explain that I do recognize I can do crap :)15:53
priteauThanks a lot for your time!15:53
priteauI'll see you at the summit I suppose15:54
bauzaspriteau: unfortunately, not sure yet16:51
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