Friday, 2017-11-24

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zhouyaguomasahito: ping03:18
zhouyaguomasahito: hi,  blazar not in rpm-packaging?
masahitozhouyaguo: back from lunch.04:41
masahitozhouyaguo: blazar isn't in rpm-packaging now.04:41
zhouyaguomasahito: have plan to put blazar in rpm-packaging?04:43
zhouyaguomasahito: maybe i can spend sometime to do it.04:43
masahitozhouyaguo: we don't have priority for that now.04:44
masahitozhouyaguo: if you can, we're really happy :-)04:44
masahitozhouyaguo: Blazar team mainly focuses on developing Blazar itself now because we're few active developer now.04:45
zhouyaguomasahito: i c, i'd like to contribute as more as i can, because blazar is helpful for our production.04:47
zhouyaguomasahito: i will let u know if some progress happen for the rpm-packaging04:48
masahitozhouyaguo: good to hear!04:49
masahitozhouyaguo: we have weekly meeting at #openstack-meeting-alt at Tue 9am UTC. If you're interested, please join it :->04:50
zhouyaguomasahito: ok, Monday,right?04:53
zhouyaguoTue, sorry.04:53
zhouyaguoi c04:53
masahitoyes. Tuesday.04:56
masahitoTuesday 6pm in Tokyo. It could be Tue. 5pm in Shanhai.04:57
zhouyaguook, Thanks for the info. :)04:59
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openstackgerritPierre Riteau proposed openstack/blazar master: Remove redundant description of parameter "project_only"
openstackgerritMerged openstack/blazar master: Remove redundant description of parameter "project_only"
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