Tuesday, 2018-08-28

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nehaalhatHi, can any one help me to understand can we do instance reservation on single node setup?  Because Using ServerGroupAntiAffinityFilter, the user can ensure that the VMs are started on different hypervisors04:39
tetsuroYou can do the instance reservation on single node setup, yes. If there is only one single node, blazar doesn't rely on the anti-affinity filter. The filter is needed when you want to make multiple instance reservation i04:53
tetsurowithin one lease.04:53
tetsuroBut you can't make multiple instance reservations in one lease if there is only one single node.04:53
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priteauHello everyone09:02
priteauTime for the Blazar meeting09:02
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priteaumasahito: I got your forward of the project update confirmation, thanks!10:11
priteauI am not yet registered for the summit as I believe we will get a free registration code at the PTG10:12
priteauI will send confirmation once I am registered10:12
masahitoI got a mail that the Dublin or the Denver PTG attendance will get a registration code at end of September.10:13
priteauAre you already registered for Berlin?10:13
masahitonot yet.10:13
masahitoBut sure to join the summit.10:13
priteauDid you get anything other PTL requests or confirmations that I should handle?10:14
masahitoIf I receive, I'll forward it to you.10:15
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nehaalhatpriteau: Hi12:58
nehaalhatpriteau: Is it possible to reserve physical:host and virtual:instance resource types in single lease?12:59
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priteaunehaalhat: Looking at the code, I would say it should work. You need to create a lease with multiple separate reservations.13:38
nehaalhatpriteau: Currently I have multinode setup, so is the other host  needs to have freepool?13:47
nehaalhatnehaalhat: that means on the other host, need to install blazar?13:48
priteauBlazar only needs to be set up on the controller node13:48
priteauYou would run the command `blazar host-create <compute-hostname>` to add the other host to the pool.13:48
nehaalhatpriteau: followed the sam...but it was raising NoHostFound error13:49
priteauIs nova-compute running on that host?13:49
nehaalhatpriteau: while creating instance after host reservation, BlazarFilter was failing13:50
nehaalhatit is because getting host_state.aggregate=[] at https://github.com/openstack/blazar-nova/blob/master/blazarnova/scheduler/filters/blazar_filter.py#L5613:52
nehaalhatand in host_state i am getting compute node13:54
priteauHas your lease started correctly?13:54
priteauAnd if you check the aggregates associated with the reservations, you see each node?13:57
nehaalhatwhen i create a lease for host-reservation, then it is not giving any aggregate related info in reservation details14:02
nehaalhatblazar host-create <compute-hostname> here i need to mention compute node or controller node?14:03
priteauThe hostname of your compute node14:04
nehaalhatpriteau: ya but at that time i getting HostNotFound issue, i think it is because of i am able to see only controller node entry in host_mappings table of nova_api db14:05
priteauThis is probably an issue with your Nova setup then, not Blazar14:05
priteauTry first to succeed in launching instances on your compute node, without Blazar involved.14:06
nehaalhatprietau: ok14:06
nehaalhatpriteau: tried to boot instance on compute node but it goes in error state and in falt showing: fault                                | {"message": "Host 'compute-host' is not mapped to any cell", "code": 400, "created": "2018-08-28T14:11:23Z"}14:13
priteauTry `nova-manage cell_v2 discover_hosts`14:14
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nehaalhat_ok will try tomorrow and let u know.. actually time to leave office now..thanks for your valuable inputs14:18
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openstackgerritPierre Riteau proposed openstack/blazar-dashboard master: Remove outdated code  https://review.openstack.org/59715615:10
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