Friday, 2018-10-05

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nehaalhatHi Priteau: I am running tempest test case like this: tempest run --serial --regex test_host_reservation it is running: blazar_tempest_plugin.tests.scenario.test_host_reservation.TestHostReservationScenario but I am getting tempest.lib.exceptions.InvalidCredentials: Invalid Credentials exception08:58
nehaalhatDetails: Credentials are: {'username': None, 'project_name': None, 'project_domain_id': None, 'user_domain_id': None, 'tenant_id': None, 'user_domain_name': 'Default', 'domain_name': 'Default', 'tenant_name': None, 'user_id': None, 'project_id': None, 'domain_id': None, 'project_domain_name': 'Default'} Password is not defined.08:59
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priteaunehaalhat: This may be a configuration issue with Tempest. Check you tempest.conf file for credentials.09:44
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