Wednesday, 2019-04-10

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asmitatetsuro: Hi06:56
tetsuroGood afternoon06:57
tetsuroThank you for fixing bugs06:57
asmitaIn blazar_tempest_plugin , how to run tests?06:57
tetsuroI thought the usage document is in it06:58
* tetsuro looking for the doc06:58
asmitatetsuro: Tetsuro san., Thank you so much for reviewing the patch. As per your suggestion, I have updated a new PS.06:58
tetsuroAck for the new PS06:59
tetsuro^ don't these documents help you for tempest plugin?06:59
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asmitaI tried to follow this, but no success.It gives error "IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/tmp/tmpgUpFfT'  ^C"07:03
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asmitatetsuro: It works now, Thanks.07:10
tetsuroSorry, was at another meeting08:02
tetsurobut good to hear it is working now :)08:02
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asmitapriteau: Hi, what config is required to run blazar tempests tests successfully?08:47
asmitatetsuro: Hi, what config is required to run blazar tempests tests successfully?08:48
priteauasmita: You can take a look at for how the zuul jobs run Tempest08:51
priteauBertrand's comment in may help too, although the tempest plugin has changed since then08:53
openstackLaunchpad bug 1700143 in Blazar "Tempest instructions are outdated" [High,Confirmed] - Assigned to Pierre Riteau (priteau)08:53
priteauI must admit I haven't run Tempest tests in a long time, I let zuul run them for me ;-)08:53
asmitapriteau: Thanks a lot.09:01
tetsuroasmita: tempest run --regex blazar_tempest_plugin --serial09:21
tetsuroor tempest run --regex blazar_tempest_plugin --concurrency=109:21
tetsuroas written in the
tetsuroyou need serial or concurrency=109:22
tetsurosince the api test can't be executed concurrently09:22
tetsurohope that helps09:23
tetsurosorry I've gotta go now09:24
tetsuroFeel free to ask it again tomorrow it still doesn't work09:24
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openstackgerritzhulingjie proposed openstack/blazar master: Update hacking version
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: Restarting Gerrit on to pick up new configuration for the replication plugin19:04
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