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priteau#startmeeting blazar16:00
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priteau#topic Roll call16:00
priteauHello mpowers16:02
priteauIs Jason joining?16:02
priteauHello diurnalist16:02
mpowersI can safely say now he is joining16:03
priteauWow, the number of attendees to this meeting has increased by 50% :D16:03
priteauWelcome mpowers16:03
mpowersgreetings :D16:03
priteau#topic Contributor update16:05
priteaumpowers: can you give a brief intro?16:05
mpowersI worked on a patch to address blueprint openstackclient-support.16:06
mpowersThis enables you to use blazar in the osc, and with the existing blazar CLI. I reused the existing shell commands, so minimal functionality is touched.16:07
priteauThanks for contributing16:08
priteauLet's move to discuss this under the next topic16:08
priteau#topic Xena release16:08
priteauSo I've started to test your patch16:08
priteauLooking good so far16:08
priteauLike Jason I was surprised by the "openstack allocatable" naming16:08
mpowersI sent an update later yesterday changing this, initially Jason and I decided on allocatable16:10
mpowersI replaced "allocatable" with "reservable"16:10
diurnalistyes, that was my bad16:10
diurnalistmy bad suggestion!16:11
priteauwe want to keep it as easy as possible for users to discover16:11
priteauMaybe it's just me but I often run `openstack help | grep <something>`16:11
priteauI wouldn't think of looking for allocatable16:11
priteauBut I might grep for reserv16:12
diurnalistwhat do you think about having it be "openstack reservation create" versus "openstack lease create"? the blazar concept is called leases, the UI says this too. and the reservation is actually a different concept; a has-many under lease16:12
diurnalistbut grep would not find it16:12
diurnalistironic also has leases now16:12
diurnalistsort of16:13
priteauI am in two minds about it16:14
priteauIt looks nicer to have it as just `openstack lease create`16:14
priteauAvoids the `openstack metric metric list` that gnocchi originally had16:15
diurnalistah yes, burn that with fire16:15
priteauBut it might conflict with other projects doing leases16:15
diurnalist"openstack reservation lease create" is also wordy but namespaces the operation16:15
priteauto be honest I wish blazar wasn't using the leases term, I think it's confusing people16:16
diurnalisti have thought that as well16:16
priteaubut that's what we have for now16:16
priteauopenstack reservation lease <create/update/delete> is wordy but it might be cleanest for now16:18
mpowersare you saying to leave this as it is then?16:19
priteauI think so16:19
priteauChanging the allocatable16:19
priteauShould we just namespace everything under "reservation" rather than have "reservation/reservable"?16:20
priteauLike ironic does with their "baremetal" suffix16:21
priteauAlthough for them all commands kind of make sense when read with the prefix16:21
diurnalisti agree that reservation lease create is OK16:22
priteauWhat about "host create/show/update/delete"16:24
priteauopenstack reservation host create?16:24
priteauopenstack reservable host create?16:24
diurnalistyeah maybe not worth it to make it an adjective16:26
diurnalistjust keep "reservation" as a common prefix everywhere16:26
diurnalist"reservation host create" ... "reservation floatingip create" etc16:26
mpowerssounds good16:26
diurnalistit may imply that you're creating a host reservation, but this should be easily rectified with the help on the command16:27
priteauI think that's ok16:28
priteauHappy to update the patch to follow this?16:30
mpowersSure thing, I'll make these changes.16:30
mpowersI also am planning to update the blazar docs 16:31
priteauDon't forget the release note :)16:32
priteauAnything else new for Xena?16:32
priteauNothing from me I am afraid, it's been busy recently16:35
diurnalistnothing from my end, still need to work on that plugin architecture spec, but no updates16:36
diurnalistwe will probably have need to revisit the host calendar implementation16:37
diurnalistso that could be a good future thing, but i imagine not for xena16:37
diurnalistwill keep you posted in any event16:37
priteauWhat are you planning for the calendar?16:38
priteauwe can discuss another time if that's still far away16:42
priteau#topic AOB16:42
priteauI will be off two weeks from now, so I suggest we cancel the meeting16:42
priteauNext one would be July 1516:43
priteauBut feel free to join this channel if you want to ask me a question16:44
mpowersOK, I think I'll have the osc stuff wrapped up by then.16:44
priteauThanks mpowers16:44
priteau#info Meeting of July 1st cancelled16:45
priteauIf nothing else, let's wrap up16:45
priteauThanks for joining, and welcome again mpowers16:45
priteauGood bye16:45
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mpowersThanks for having me, talk to you later16:45
opendevreviewMark Powers proposed openstack/python-blazarclient master: Add openstackclient support
opendevreviewMark Powers proposed openstack/blazar master: Add openstackclient command examples in CLI pages

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