Thursday, 2021-07-15

priteau#startmeeting blazar16:00
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priteauHello mppowers16:02
mppowersHello priteau16:02
priteauThanks for joining. Should we wait for Jason too?16:03
mppowersI will send him a ping, he may be able to join at least for the start16:04
priteauAgenda for today:16:07
priteauContributions in progress for Xena release16:07
priteauYoga PTG16:07
priteau#topic Contributions in progress for Xena release16:07
diurnalisthey, for some reason i thought the irc meetings were deferred until august, dunno why. i can't stay on long today16:09
priteauHi diurnalist, no problem16:09
priteauMaybe because I cancelled the last one16:09
priteauLet's review what we have in progress for Xena16:10
priteauNeed to finish reviewing Mark's patches for OSC16:11
mppowersI have submitted an update to the osc plugin removing the --physical-reservation flag Jason mentioned in his latest review. I have yet to update the docs to mention this.16:11
mppowersAs well as updating the commands we discussed last meeting16:12
priteauI missed the physical-reservation comment. So how would you create one now?16:13
mppowersnow through resource_type=physical iirc16:14
diurnalist--reservation resource_type=physical:host,...16:14
diurnalistnone of the other types have their own flag16:14
priteauYes I think it makes sense16:14
mppowersOK I will update the CLI doc pages mentioning this option is removed for the OSC plugin16:16
priteauWhat else do we have in flight? I still need to refresh the enforcement server support, and update a few bug fix patches16:18
priteaudiurnalist: I guess you've been busy, no news on the plugin arch?16:18
mppowersI have also been working on cleaning up the calendar for blazar-dashboard with the goal of moving it upstream16:21
priteauThat's great news16:22
priteauLooking forward to your patches; let us know if you need support16:23
diurnalistpriteau: yes, unfortunately no news on plugin spec16:25
priteauLet's move on to the next topic while diurnalist is around16:27
priteau#topic Yoga PTG16:27
priteauThe next PTG is already planned for Oct 18-2216:27
priteauIt's time to reserve our meeting slot16:27
priteauI suggest we do like last time, Thursday near the time of our usual IRC meeting16:29
priteauThat would be, Thursday October 21 from 15:00 to 17:00 UTC16:29
priteauIt can also be earlier (from 13:00 UTC) if this works better for you16:29
priteauWhat do you think?16:31
mppowersAny of those times would work for me16:31
priteauUnless I calculated wrongly, 15-17 is 10am-12pm in Chicago16:33
diurnalistyeah that's cool16:35
priteauI'll stick with 15-17 then16:35
priteauDo you know how many people might attend from Chameleon?16:36
priteauPlease remember to register at
diurnalistprobably just mark and myself16:37
priteauI'll start an Etherpad to collect discussion topics, but it's still quite early16:38
priteauLet's focus on Xena first16:38
priteau#topic AOB16:38
priteauAll right, anything else for today?16:38
diurnalistnothing from me16:38
mppowersnothing from me either16:39
priteauNext meeting is on July 2916:39
priteauThanks both for joining, have a good rest of your day16:39
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opendevmeetMinutes (text):
opendevreviewMark Powers proposed openstack/blazar master: Add openstackclient command examples in CLI pages

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