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priteau#startmeeting blazar16:03
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priteau#topic Roll cal16:03
priteau#topic Roll call16:03
priteauJust you today or Jason as well?16:04
mppowersI sent him a ping16:05
priteauHi diurnalist16:06
priteau#topic Yoga PTG16:06
priteauJust a small announcement: for the upcoming PTG in October, I have created an Etherpad to gather discussion topics16:07
priteauRemember to book time in your calendar: Thursday, October 21, 2021 15-17 UTC16:07
priteauAnd register (free) if not done already:
priteau#topic Xena release16:10
priteauGood news, we merged the openstack client support, thanks again mppowers16:10
priteauWhat should we focus on next for Xena? Is the Horizon dashboard update a good candidate?16:12
mppowersYes, I think it is. I have not had time to work on this. First, I need to check if all the required functionality for it from Chameleon's blazar fork is upstream.16:13
priteauIt could be too late in the cycle to fully merge it, depending on how advanced it is in Chameleon.16:13
priteauAlternatively we can focus on annoying bugs, to get a head start on the pain points goal16:14
diurnalistmppowers: if i'm not mistaken, much of the dashboard stuff could be proposed. i think the main issue was we can't show the dropdown filter (b/c that requires an API we haven't submitted upstream, the API for capabilities) and maybe some of the extra fields shown in the tooltip16:15
mppowersI don't think blazarclient supports listing allocations, which are required for the calendar. 16:16
priteauIs it this patch?
mppowersYes, I think this patch is for the same thing, but our Chameleon version looks pretty different right now.16:19
diurnalistdoes Horizon have to use the blazar client? is that how it's normally done? couldn't it go through the raw keystoneauth adapter/session16:20
priteauIt's more about the HTTP queries than the auth itself.16:20
diurnalistyes i know, what i mean is session.get("...") as opposed to
mppowersI could focus on getting allocations working with the client first, and the move the dashboard stuff upstream16:21
diurnalistnot trying to cut corners, it does seem like there's not a strong reason why horizon should be coupled to the client implementations and not just use the HTTP API directly16:21
priteauI didn't realise you could do queries with the session object directly16:22
diurnalistyep, in fact there is no python API client for placement, they just say "use keystoneauth"16:22
diurnalistosc-placement is basically shims for this that plug in to openstacksdk16:22
priteauI think it's due to the existing pattern in horizon, which e.g. uses novaclient or cinderclient16:23
mppowersI'll look into doing that then for the API calls using allocations.16:23
priteauBut I don't think it's a blocker that the dashboard doesn't use blazarclient16:23
priteauDon't you need API changes to the allocation endpoint to show allocations for other users? Unless the calendar was admin-only?16:26
diurnalistthat's another good point. it could be controlled via blazar's keystone policy, but then i guess the experience of users not allowed via the policy is not good; we would have to update the dashboard code to render some nicer error state if the allocations cannot be fetched due to permissions16:28
priteauBy default users see only their own allocations. This could still be a useful display in a context where the cloud is large enough that there is no contention for resources.16:30
priteauWould need to sketch it out to see what it would look like16:33
priteauSo what steps do we need to take for this? 1) Extract the non-Chameleon-specific features from the current implementation 2) Check API requirements 3) Adapt API and/or calendar16:36
diurnalistmppowers: what do you propose?16:38
mppowersI was thinking first comparing the Chameleon allocation API to see if there is anything different. If there is anything missing that blocks some of the calendar, that can be updated later. I'll work on getting the calendar working with the current blazar API.16:40
diurnalistok, that sounds like a good plan to me. some of the enhancements to the calendar, such as the filter dropdowns, can be separate patches16:41
mppowersYes, my plan is a MVP calendar for now16:41
mppowerswith what works in blazar16:42
priteauShould we resume this discussion once you have had the chance to submit some code?16:44
mppowersYes, that would be good16:44
priteau#topic Review requests16:45
priteaudiurnalist: since you are a core reviewer now, I've tried not to merge anything major without your approval16:46
priteauThere is this small patch pending:
diurnalistthanks, i will have a look asap. i need to set up some mail notifications i think16:46
priteauI've added you as reviewer so you should have received an email at that point, but it's easy to miss if you've got many16:49
diurnalisti also ensured that i'm added to anything that happens on blazar repos now16:49
priteau#topic AOB16:50
priteauAnything else to share today?16:50
priteauIf not we can finish a bit early16:50
mppowersnothing here16:50
diurnalistnothing here either16:50
priteauThanks both for joining16:52
priteauAh, I had something16:52
priteauFor the next meeting I will be on holiday16:53
priteauSo let's meet again on Sep 916:53
priteauIf you want to discuss the calendar before this, I am available via email or IRC of course16:54
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mppowerssounds good16:54
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