Thursday, 2021-10-07

priteau#startmeeting blazar16:01
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priteau#topic Roll call16:01
priteauHello mppowers16:01
priteau#topic Xena release16:05
priteauXena has been released this week16:05
priteauThanks mppowers for your contribution to the client16:05
mppowershappy to help! hopefully there are more contributions for the next release16:06
priteauYes, it was a quiet cycle unfortunately but let's make yoga better :)16:07
priteauTalking about Yoga, the PTG is coming up in two weeks time16:07
priteau#topic Yoga PTG16:07
priteauIt will be an opportunity to review and prioritize16:07
priteauFeel free to add discussion topics or links to high priority patches16:08
priteauAlso please add yourself to the list of attendees16:09
mppowerssounds good16:09
priteauI don't have much more for today really.16:12
mppowersI have been working on some minor things, which may make it upstream.16:13
priteauWhat kind?16:13
mppowersMainly, adding default resource_properties if a user does not specify when creating a lease16:14
mppowersAnd the RPC layer refactor, which I haven't made great progress on, but the plan is to have some timing numbers to show for the PTG16:14
priteauDefault resource properties, is this making it optional in the API?16:17
mppowersThis is a config setting for each resource type, so a lease create without any specification would be given some default value16:19
mppowersWe want this with Chameleon to avoid randomly leasing valuable resources to users. Is this something that would be good to upstream as well?16:20
mppowersFor example, our default for hosts would be something like: resource_properties='["=", "$node_type", "compute_haswell"]', preventing a lease with no constraints from getting a GPU node16:21
priteauThe concept of having a node_type is very specific to Chameleon, there is no such key known in Blazar, so it would have to be able to apply to any extra cap16:22
mppowersAh, yes, I think in the upstream vernacular, it would be: hypervisor_properties='["=", "$vcpus", "1"]'16:23
priteauFor example, or any extra capability added by the operator16:25
priteauThat would be worthwhile upstream16:29
priteauAnything else to discuss today?16:29
mppowersThat's all for me16:29
priteauThanks for joining! In two weeks time it will be via video call16:30
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mppowersTalk to you then, bye16:30
opendevreviewMerged openstack/blazar master: Ignore usage enforcement release note for Xena

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