Thursday, 2022-01-13

opendevreviewPierre Riteau proposed openstack/blazar master: Fix lease update when resource_type parameter is missing
opendevreviewMark Powers proposed openstack/blazar master: Restore lease status during a non fatal lease update exception
priteau#startmeeting blazar16:00
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priteau#topic Roll call16:01
priteauHello mppowers!16:01
mppowersHello priteau16:02
priteauIs Jason joining today?16:02
mppowersI think so, I'll ping16:02
priteauHello diurnalist!16:03
priteauHappy New Year to you both16:04
mppowersHappy New Year to you too16:05
priteauAgenda for today:16:06
priteau* Blazar whiteboard16:06
priteau* Yoga release planning16:06
priteau#topic Blazar whiteboard16:06
priteauA long long time ago I created an Etherpad to act as a shared whiteboard to keep track of important notes16:07
priteauIt hasn't been used much recently, but I have now refreshed it16:07
priteauI will aim to keep it up to date from now on16:07
priteauCI Status: will track whether CI is OK or broken. Currently only has master, but I will add branches once we have some backports to trigger jobs16:08
priteauSmall patches ready to approve: if you have just a minute or two to spend on reviews, this is a list to check16:09
priteauAll three are ready for you diurnalist16:09
priteauReview priorities will be listing patches that are deemed "ready to review" and of high importance for the next release16:10
priteauNeeds work: patches that have been reviewed and need to be updated16:10
priteauYou can also query similar things dynamically with Gerrit, but this will be a more curated list16:11
diurnalistsounds good, will check them out today16:11
priteauThis brings us to the next topic16:12
mppowersShould I add my own patches to "ready to review" once they are? Or are you managing this priteau?16:12
priteauFeel free to add your patches, at this point any of your patches are a priority :) 16:12
mppowersOK, will do16:12
priteau#topic Yoga release planning16:13
priteauWe're past the Yoga-2 milestone now16:13
priteauThe feature freeze is 6 weeks away16:14
priteauBut maybe more importantly, Feb 14 - Feb 18 is final release for non-client libraries16:14
priteauThis includes blazar-nova16:15
priteauSo I would like to ask if you can review this revisited patch to add preemptibles support:
priteauThere is another patch which lives inside blazar, which I am still updating, I'll try to submit it tomorrow16:16
priteauBut having early feedback on the blazar-nova one would be good16:16
priteauOther review priorities:16:17
priteau810126: Restore lease status during a non fatal lease update exception |
priteauMark has just updated it, I'll review again after this meeting16:17
priteauWhile testing it I discovered a bug in blazar that was introduced as part of the usage enforcement framework16:18
priteau824579: Fix lease update when resource_type parameter is missing |
priteauSo this is a candidate for backport to xena and wallaby16:18
priteauAs is Mark's patch16:18
priteauReservation calendar in blazar-dashboard is another important one. It's one of the next ones on my list.16:20
priteauThanks for pointing out 805461: Update list_allocations in hosts plugin to expose start and end dates |
priteauI've not reached this one yet16:22
priteauThen we have the patches that need work16:22
priteauI've left comments on resource properties patches, for both service and client16:22
priteauThird-party plugins and RPC layer, I've not yet reached, and they aren't passing CI16:23
mppowersMy apologies on the resource properties patch, I fixed some of the issues Jason mentioned, but accidentally proposed a new patch that reverted it. I'll still need to update to support --all though.16:24
priteauI didn't notice that. That will be quicker to fix then.16:25
priteauMy comment about splitting patches is only for submissions of new changes, this one can stay in a single change16:25
mppowersOK, sounds good.16:26
priteauAnything else which I may have overlooked?16:28
mppowersThat is all I can think of16:30
priteauIt's quite a list but I think we can merge a good chunk of it16:31
diurnalistawesome, i will get looking at the patches today too16:31
priteauI remember you deployed, or were thinking about deploying, some early version of my preemptibles patches. Is this still active?16:32
diurnalistyes, though i'm not sure if it's deployed to prod. we did deploy to dev for testing16:33
diurnalistit was pretty straightforward if i recall16:33
priteauIt would be great to get some testing of the new patches once they're up16:35
priteauIs there anything that needs to be discussed live for any of these changes?16:36
priteaumppowers: what do you think of my suggestion to replace capability by property?16:37
mppowersI think it makes sense. I agree it is confusing to have both terminology 16:38
priteauEnd users were not exposed at all to capabilities, so it's a good time to choose just one term and stick to it16:38
priteauAlso property is used by many other OpenStack resources, on images, on flavors, etc.16:38
priteauAnything else to discuss today?16:41
mppowersThat's all for me16:42
priteauOK. Let's keep interacting via Gerrit.16:43
priteauThanks both for joining, and let's talk in two weeks time.16:43
mppowersTalk to you then16:44
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