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opendevreviewPierre Riteau proposed openstack/blazar master: Update list_allocations in hosts plugin to expose start and end dates
opendevreviewPierre Riteau proposed openstack/blazar-dashboard master: Add a resource availability calendar for hosts
priteau#startmeeting blazar16:00
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priteau#topic Roll call16:00
mppowersHello priteau16:00
priteauHi Mark16:00
priteauWaiting for Jason16:01
mppowersYes, he should be here soon16:02
priteauHi Jason16:04
priteauLet's take a look at our fancy dashboard16:05
priteau#topic Small patches ready to approve16:05
priteauI've given +2 already16:05
diurnalisti'm going through them now16:07
priteauActually I think the tempest one are duplicating a bit16:07
priteauNot sure why this wasn't flagged by gerri16:08
priteauI'll cancel the merge of 82519516:08
opendevreviewPierre Riteau proposed openstack/blazar-tempest-plugin master: Add stable/xena jobs on master gate
opendevreviewPierre Riteau proposed openstack/blazar-tempest-plugin master: Add stable/xena jobs on master gate
priteauOK, abandoned
priteauI meant cancel the merge of 82541516:10
priteauI think we're good now16:10
priteau#topic Review priorities for Yoga16:11
priteauThanks for the review of the blazar-nova preemptible patch, still need to update it. I am working on the service side at the moment16:13
priteauNot yet upstream but hopefully soon, tomorrow maybe?16:13
priteauWe have a lot of other patches ready to review, I have focused on two:16:13
priteau805462: Add a resource availability calendar for hosts |
priteau805461: Update list_allocations in hosts plugin to expose start and end dates |
priteauI updated both patches, but changes are minor, so Jason's should be able to give his +2 again16:14
priteauFor blazar-dashboard, I updated the vendored apexcharts JS16:15
diurnalistsounds good, will look in to it16:15
priteaumppowers: You didn't use a specific version on purpose? I assumed it was the latest at the time you started working on this16:15
mppowersYes, it was just latest at the time16:15
priteauI tested the new one, took screenshots of the calendar, couldn't see any difference16:16
priteauThe overlay box still displays fine16:16
diurnalistpriteau: when i give my +2 on top of yours, it is ok to do the +1 to approved, yes?16:16
priteauOf course, I actually expect you to do so ;-)16:17
diurnalistyes, i thought so, just checking in case there was some other process i was stepping over16:17
priteauSecond +2 can request merge, unless there is a reason not to.16:17
priteauFor the list allocations patch, I fixed the merge conflict16:18
priteauNo functional change there16:18
mppowersthank you for that16:18
priteauThank YOU16:18
priteauAs follow up to the dashboard I have these suggestions16:18
priteau* docs16:19
priteauAt the very least we need to document the required policies (calendar doesn't work for non-admin users with default policy)16:19
priteauAnd describe how to customise the host naming using a property16:20
priteauThat should go in
priteauDoes it sound reasonable?16:21
mppowersYes, that sounds good. Did you want this as a follow up patch?16:21
diurnalistyes, i just approved the current one \o/16:21
mppowersOK, great16:22
priteauYes, let's try to merge big patches when we reach a reasonable stopping point16:22
priteauI am afraid trying to get them perfect means they never get merged16:22
priteauAs long as what we ship at the end of the release cycle is working and makes sense for operators and users, it's fine if it gets contributed in multiple steps16:23
mppowersMakes sense16:24
priteauMy other comment was related to policies again16:24
diurnalisti removed the two patches i just approved from the whiteboard16:24
priteauOf course you need blazar:oshosts:get_allocations16:24
priteauBut I discovered you also need blazar:oshosts:get16:24
priteauThat's for the hypervisor name lookup16:24
priteauDo you think we could do without as an option? 16:24
priteauEither configurable by admins16:25
priteauOr dynamically, try a get-host, if it fails with 401, fall back to display host ID16:25
mppowersYes, I was thinking of using the fall back16:25
priteauCool. Do you think you could add this in the next couple of weeks?16:26
priteauWe have 4 weeks before feature freeze16:26
mppowersWe have a busy schedule, and my blazar-dashboard environment is not in a good state, so I am unsure if there will be time16:27
priteauOK. Maybe for Z then.16:28
priteauAs long as we document how to make it work, that's fine.16:28
mppowersOK, sounds good16:28
mppowersI'll be sure to at least get the docs 16:28
priteauNext on my review list is all the others in the main priority list16:29
priteauI've not updated the Needs work section, it's possible some are ready to review now16:29
priteauresource properties is16:30
mppowersYes, those should be ready16:30
priteauRPC layer not passing CI. Maybe this is something we can focus on next release16:31
priteauSame for third-party plugins, unless you think it's getting close?16:31
mppowersThe third party plugins is working, but it is dependent on the RPC refactor patch16:32
priteauI see16:32
priteauSo that's where the CI failures are coming from?16:32
priteauI've not looked at them to be honest16:32
mppowersYes. It'll take some time to figure out why the RPC test is failing tempest. I have spent some time debugging without luck16:32
priteau401 auth failures from Keystone16:33
priteauMaybe something related to context16:34
priteauRelated to preemptibles, I submitted this:16:35
priteau825659: Support running periodic tasks from event loop |
priteauFairly small, I use it to run some tasks not related to lease events16:35
diurnalistpriteau: where did you see the 401s in these logs? i'm not used to looking at tempest output16:35
opendevreviewMerged openstack/blazar-dashboard master: Add a resource availability calendar for hosts
priteauHum, it was in the third-party plugin patch16:36
priteauI cannot see them in the RPC one16:37
mppowersHm, maybe I need to debug both changes then16:37
mppowersThere is an issue I was seeing in the journal output from tempest, but I could not reproduce16:37
priteauThese are the logs to watch16:37
diurnalistit looks like it may actually be an assertionerror in the api?16:38
diurnalistthis helps, thanks16:38
priteauAh, in api logs16:38
priteauassert NOTIFIER is not None16:38
priteauJan 25 18:19:30.372375 ubuntu-focal-ovh-bhs1-0028162968 devstack@blazar-a.service[101462]:   File "/opt/stack/blazar/blazar/notification/", line 51, in get_notifier16:38
priteauJan 25 18:19:30.372375 ubuntu-focal-ovh-bhs1-0028162968 devstack@blazar-a.service[101462]:     assert NOTIFIER is not None16:38
mppowersAh that is the issue. I'm not sure why this isn't showing on my dev environment 16:39
priteauMaybe the config is different16:40
priteauDo you use devstack to develop locally?16:41
diurnalistcan't speak for mark 100%, but we've moved away from devstack and instead work using kolla ansible and dev_mode, b/c it aligns much better w/ our other tooling16:42
mppowersYes, I was using devstack initially for the RPC patch, but then switched as Jason described16:43
diurnalistso there is some divergence b/w CI and our local envs unfortunately. in practice it rarely comes up, this is the first time i recall. knowing how to debug the logs is a game changer, i was looking in the wrong places16:43
priteauOh I need to try this dev_mode16:44
priteauThanks for the tip16:44
priteauI usually use devstack for development and then deploy with kolla16:44
diurnalistnot all services support dev_mode and for things like neutron plugins it gets a bit hairy but it's pretty simple to solve in kolla ansible. in general it works pretty well!16:45
diurnalistin fact there is probably a patch we have for blazar dashboard and dev mode...16:45
mppowersI was unable to get dashboard development working 100% with kolla too16:45
priteauAnything else to share today?16:46
priteau#topic AOB16:47
priteauOne thing16:47
priteauThe Call for Presentations for the next OpenStack Summit is open until February 916:47
priteauBut not sure if you will be wanting to travel? It's in Berlin.16:48
diurnalistwish i could!16:49
priteauI will probably submit a talk on Blazar related to the developments we are doing (various bits not upstream yet, but hopefully all will eventually be)16:50
priteauAnd something else16:50
priteauNext PTG is scheduled for April 4 - 816:50
priteauVirtual event this one16:50
priteauSo please register if you haven't already:
priteauWill you be OK with a ~2 hour meeting like last time?16:51
mppowersThat should work for me16:51
diurnalisti will actually be on holiday in australia then, i may not be able to attend16:52
priteauIn that case maybe we can hold a meeting before or after the actual event16:52
priteauLet's discuss closer to the date16:53
diurnalistcould do -- timing is kind of bad, it's right in the middle of an extended trip for me. yes, let's discuss later!16:53
priteauThat's all I had for today!16:53
diurnalistthanks priteau!16:53
priteauSorry it took a while to review these patches. I have more time for Blazar at the moment so I am trying to make the most of it!16:54
mppowersThanks again! Talk to you later16:54
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opendevmeetMinutes (text):
opendevreviewMerged openstack/blazar-tempest-plugin master: Add stable/xena jobs on master gate
opendevreviewMerged openstack/blazar master: Use LOG.warning instead of deprecated LOG.warn
opendevreviewMerged openstack/blazar master: Update list_allocations in hosts plugin to expose start and end dates

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