Thursday, 2022-02-10

opendevreviewPierre Riteau proposed openstack/blazar master: Switch to using internal endpoints
priteau_#startmeeting blazar16:00
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priteau_#topic Roll call16:00
priteau_How are you doing mppowers?16:01
mppowersI am good, how are you?16:01
priteau_Doing well, thanks.16:01
priteau_Should we expect Jason?16:02
mppowersYes, I'll ping16:02
mppowersActually he isn't online yet16:03
priteau_Maybe let's start with discussing your current patches16:05
priteau_#topic Yoga release16:05
priteau_We're getting closer to the end of the release cycle16:05
priteau_Final release for non-client libraries next week: blazar-nova16:06
priteau_Feature freeze in two weeks16:06
priteau_I am afraid some recent changes have made this a merge conflict:
mppowersThat is alright, with such a big change it is inevitable 16:08
priteau_Anyway we need to merge the two underlying patches first16:10
priteau_810298: Add resource properties discovery API |
priteau_820255: Remove RPC layer from API |
priteau_They're both ready to go?16:10
mppowersYes, both are ready16:10
diurnalisthello, sorry i'm late16:10
priteau_Hi diurnalist16:11
priteau_No problem16:11
*** priteau_ is now known as priteau16:11
priteauWe were discussing Mark's patches16:11
priteau and are both ready for review again16:12
priteauI'll aim to review them tomorrow16:12
priteauI've moved them at the top of the review list16:13
mppowersGreat! Thanks16:13
priteauWhat do we want to prioritise for Yoga?16:16
priteauWe could potentially get everything in the Priorities for main feature freeze merged?16:17
priteauWe have two weeks left16:17
diurnalistyes, i think so...16:18
priteauI am still working on my additional preemptible patches, having more issues with unit tests than the actual code unfortunately :/16:19
diurnalisti'm reviewing some of your other things now16:20
priteauJust noticed there is an unresolved comment here, can it be marked done?
mppowersYes, that is fixed now. I'll mark them as resolved16:22
priteauJust noticed a small issue in the process16:22
mppowerssounds good, I should be able to quickly fix it soon16:23
priteauI've not done a full review, hopefully there won't be more changes16:25
opendevreviewMerged openstack/blazar-dashboard master: Updating python testing classifier as per Yoga testing runtime
mppowersYes, it should be alright. the resource property API was already reviewed once, and so I do not anticipate many more needed changes16:26
priteauIf it requires changes that could be fixed with a follow-up patch, I will prefer that approach so we can merge faster16:29
priteau is in merge conflict, may be trivial to fix16:30
priteauI will also cherry pick some patches to stable branches, so we will see how well CI works16:31
diurnalisti'll look about the merge conflict16:32
priteauI think that's all about active patches16:32
priteauThe next topic I wanted to discuss was...16:33
priteau#topic PTL candidacy16:33
priteauIt's already this time of the year16:33
priteauNominations are open until Feb 15, 2022 23:45 UTC.16:33
priteauIn a more active project I would probably say it's time for someone else to carry the torch16:34
priteauSo unless diurnalist you are interested in being PTL, I am happy to continue for the Z cycle16:34
priteauIn any case I don't think we want the project to be without leadership16:37
diurnalisti'm happy for you to be PTL - is there a PTL handbook or something btw? it seems there are lots of process-y things that i pick up ad-hoc16:37
diurnalistaha :)16:38
priteauIt's mostly synchronising with the openinfra foundation (for PTG and summit) and release management16:39
priteauI'll put in my candidacy early next week in this case16:41
priteauWhile you keep learning ;-)16:41
priteau#topic AOB16:41
priteauAnything else you would like to discuss today?16:42
priteauThere was the PTG meeting, I think diurnalist you said you would not be available16:42
diurnalistcorrect, i will be on vacation16:42
priteauSo we would schedule something the week before or after16:42
priteauor two weeks before / after, whenever it works for you16:43
priteauI'll still hold a meeting in case someone wants to discuss16:43
priteauAny else for today?16:43
mppowersnothing else from me16:43
priteauThanks, let's wrap up then!16:45
priteauThanks for joining16:46
*** priteau is now known as priteau_16:48
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opendevreviewMerged openstack/blazar master: Update Nova scheduler filter configuration
opendevreviewMerged openstack/blazar master: Switch to using internal endpoints
opendevreviewPierre Riteau proposed openstack/blazar master: Use keystone public endpoint for devstack
opendevreviewMark Powers proposed openstack/blazar master: Add resource properties discovery API
opendevreviewPierre Riteau proposed openstack/blazar master: Use keystone public endpoint for devstack

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