Thursday, 2022-03-24

priteau#startmeeting blazar16:00
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priteau#topic Roll call16:00
priteauHi mppowers16:01
mppowersHello priteau16:01
mppowersJason won't be joining today, he is on vacation through April 20th16:02
priteauI haven't prepared an agenda for today. We are at the end of the release cycle so not much activity yet16:06
priteauI wanted to mention stable branches16:07
priteau#topic Stable branches16:07
priteauI have proposed some backports to xena and wallaby16:08
priteauSomething for Jason to review when he's back16:12
priteauDo you have anything else to share this week mppowers?16:12
mppowersI do not, I have not worked on blazar lately16:13
mppowersI see third party plugins is in merge conflict, I'll try to take a look at that today.16:14
priteauI propose we wrap up for today and regroup at the beginning of the zed cycle16:17
priteauI will have some interesting blazar features to propose16:18
mppowersThat works for me. I will not be able to make the next meeting, which I believe is the PTG, on Apr 716:18
mppowersI know we discussed rescheduling since Jason was also out16:18
priteauYes, let's cancel next meeting too.16:19
priteauNext one would be on April 21 then16:20
priteauAnd we can schedule a PTG-like meeting after that.16:20
mppowersSounds good16:20
priteauThanks for joining today16:21
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opendevmeetMinutes (text):
opendevreviewMark Powers proposed openstack/blazar master: Add support for third party resource plugins
opendevreviewPierre Riteau proposed openstack/blazar master: Skip blazar install in docs and pep8 jobs

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