Thursday, 2022-08-25

priteau#startmeeting blazar15:00
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priteau#topic Roll call15:00
yoctozepto(also on the openinfra live, as one of the panelists today)15:01
priteauListening to the panel too15:02
priteau#topic Zed release15:05
priteauFeature freeze is next Thursday15:05
priteauUnfortunately I didn't have time to work on feature patches in the last few weeks. Just some maintenance here and there.15:06
priteauAnything on your side mppowers?15:06
mppowersYes, I had time to update the external HTTP enforcement change15:06
mppowersah I made a duplicate change I see15:07
priteauCan you update the original one instead and abandon the new one?15:09
yoctozeptoyeah, I was looking at it but had to shift to something else so I have only left a minor comment15:09
priteauAlso CI checks are not passing15:09
yoctozeptoI was going through the queue and I think it's the only feature we can reasonably squeeze in, with a FFE15:09
mppowersYes, I see CI is failing, are you aware of any issues? I do not believe the code should be causing the failure. "ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'webtest'"15:10
priteaurecheck, that's been fixed15:11
priteauor rebase15:11
mppowersah I see that now, thanks15:11
opendevreviewMark Powers proposed openstack/blazar master: Add enforcement filter using an external HTTP service
priteauExcellent, thanks.15:19
priteauI've put it on my todo to review15:22
priteauAnything else from you mppowers?15:24
mppowersthat is all I have15:25
priteauThanks. I will aim to review this by next week and also look at the other submissions by yoctozepto15:27
yoctozeptothanks priteau, I am going to review that patch and also work on my doc update15:28
priteauThanks. yoctozepto, would you like to join the PTG meeting when it happens?15:29
priteauWe usually schedule it for the Thursday European afternoon during the PTG week15:31
yoctozeptoworks for me, priteau, I planned to join15:32
priteauSorry, I cannot stay much longer today. Let's end here.15:32
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yoctozeptoack, for another time, bye!15:32

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