Friday, 2022-09-02

yoctozeptopriteau: have you had a chance to look at my docs rewrite? and also maybe my comments to the recent change? I think we should patch the new feature before release :/12:42
priteauI've seen your comments on the external service filter, will try to address next week as FFE12:49
priteauI've not had the chance to look at docs yet.12:49
priteauIf you have the time to patch the external service filter, feel free to start :) 12:49
yoctozeptoI plan to next week12:53
priteauExcellent :)13:00
yoctozeptoand what about the v2 API?13:03
priteauI would like to remove it but overall it's not the most urgent so it gets pushed back13:05
yoctozeptoack, you just said you had some patch in progress13:06
yoctozeptoso I was wondering13:07
priteauI need to find on which computer it is!13:56
*** johnthetubaguy[m] is now known as johnthetubaguy16:14

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