Thursday, 2022-09-08

opendevreviewRadosław Piliszek proposed openstack/blazar master: Improve ExternalServiceFilter
priteau#startmeeting blazar15:00
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priteau#topic Roll call15:00
yoctozepto(dual-booked in the beginning)15:02
priteauHello yoctozepto15:02
priteauMark won't be joining us because he is double-booked too15:03
yoctozeptohi priteau15:03
yoctozeptooh well15:03
yoctozeptowhat can we do15:03
priteau#topic Zed release15:04
priteaustable/zed branches have been created for blazar-nova and python-blazarclient15:05
yoctozeptoI confirm15:06
priteauWe're past feature freeze for other deliverables but we have a submission from yoctozepto to improve the external filter feature15:06
yoctozeptoand improve the docs :D15:06
priteauThe priority is to review it and if good, merge as soon as possible as FFE15:07
priteauBefore RC1 which is next week15:07
yoctozeptobtw, any news regarding the missing antelope emplate?15:07
priteauI am less worried about docs because that can be updated independently of the release cycle.15:07
priteauMost people look at /latest docs anyway, I guess.15:07
priteauMissing antelope template for tox tests?15:08
priteauApparently they are available now15:08
priteauSee this:
priteauAdded in
priteauI will recheck15:08
yoctozeptook, so need to recheck in blazar 15:09
yoctozeptowhat else15:16
yoctozeptowhat about v2 api removal?15:16
priteauIt will probably wait for Antelope15:17
priteauRisky to fit it at the end of the cycle like this15:17
priteauGood for beginning of cycle15:17
priteauI am reviewing your filter changes15:18
yoctozeptoI see it failed on unit tests15:18
yoctozeptoThough it worked for me15:18
yoctozeptoneed to check it deeper15:18
priteauMaybe a missing mock somewhere.15:19
priteauNormally unit tests don't access a db like this15:19
yoctozeptomine do not access the db at all15:20
priteauI will check if I can fix it in the process of reviewing15:20
yoctozeptook, I will check too but later15:20
priteauI don't have more to discuss on Zed. We can talk about PTG.15:20
yoctozeptoalready hard to focus15:20
yoctozeptosame here15:20
priteau#topic October 2022 PTG15:20
yoctozeptoI want to be there virtually15:20
priteauI have [ACTION REQUIRED] PTG October 2022 Schedule Signup at the top of my inbox15:20
priteauI was hoping to check with all potential participants today what time slots would work.15:21
priteauIt would be great to have you join yoctozepto15:21
priteauIs Thursday afternoon any good?15:21
priteau(European afternoon)15:21
yoctozeptoyeah, after 15 usually15:21
yoctozeptolocal timezone15:22
priteauStill CEST actually15:22
priteau15 CEST is still 8 am in Chicago15:24
priteauA bit early for them15:24
priteau16-18 CEST would be OK?15:24
priteauThat would conflict with TC, is that a problem for you yoctozepto?15:26
priteauMonday, Tuesday and Wednesday are Kolla days anyway15:26
yoctozeptonot a problem15:29
yoctozeptoreading notes is enough I guess15:29
priteauI will book this time for now, and confirm with Mark and Adam from Chameleon15:29
priteauAnd then announce on mailing list15:30
yoctozeptounless they plan a ptl or operator oriented timeslot15:30
yoctozeptoworth checking, fine otherwise15:30
priteauThere is the first hour which doesn't conflict15:31
priteauSee the schedule15:31
priteauBlazar would start at 14 UTC and TC at 15 UTC15:32
priteauAnd I will start to populate notes in the Etherpad15:32
priteauFeel free to add topics you would like to discuss15:35
priteauWe will discuss more in the next meetings15:35
opendevreviewMerged openstack/python-blazarclient master: Add Python3 antelope unit tests
priteau#topic AOB15:36
priteauIn other news15:36
priteauI am serving for PTL again for Antelope15:36
priteauMaybe we can grow the core reviewer team in this cycle? ;-)15:37
priteauThat's all from me today. Anything else to share yoctozepto?15:37
opendevreviewMerged openstack/blazar-nova master: Add Python3 antelope unit tests
priteauLet's end here.15:52
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opendevmeetMinutes (text):
yoctozeptothx priteau15:55
yoctozeptopriteau: I tracked down these unit test issues to the oslo.db release :-(16:48
opendevreviewRadosław Piliszek proposed openstack/blazar master: Improve ExternalServiceFilter

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